College is an exciting time that is filled with changes and wonderful experiences that you’ll look back on fondly for the rest of your life. Making the transition from high school (and the safety buffer of the home environment) into the collegiate space is a big deal, though. This change comes with many challenges and opportunities to create real and lasting successes in your approach to work, nutrition, and life as a whole.

Learning about what you can expect as you step onto the campus for the first time is a great way to ensure that you’re prepared to own these new challenges and opportunities. Continue reading to learn more about how life suddenly and dramatically changes when you leave high school behind.

Scheduling your own classes can be a freeing experience.


The ability to select your own classes from top to bottom is a fantastic new experience for those who are starting their college journeys. Plotting a course from the first day on campus to the final lesson and exam as a senior is a wonderful exercise in planning and long-vision development. But this can be a unique challenge for organizational skills as well.

Many colleges offer paired courses in which a “102” or “201” course designation can only be taken after passing the first class in the sequence (the corresponding “101” course code, in this example). However, these paired courses are often offered only in a selected term, with the first coming in the fall and the second in the spring semester. This means that enrolling in the first lessons is a must if you want to complete the pair in a single year rather than having to wait for the school calendar to revert back to the beginning of the next year. Speaking with a college counselor is a great way to ensure that your planning is always on track. Searching for “college counselor near me” can get you the tailored assistance that you need to start strong and maintain your progress throughout each academic year.

Nutrition and exercise will remain key features in your continued success story.

What To Expect in Your First Year of College

Health is also something that should be prioritized as you move into your new dorm or apartment and say goodbye to your parents. As you start this next chapter in life, making sure that you’re eating well and taking great health supplements like apple cider vinegar, often in the form of ACV gummies, is a core component in finding the successes and enjoyment that you are looking for. A gummy vitamin or supplement (such as apple cider vinegar) is a great way to augment your health and wellness routine. Millions of people all over the world take multivitamins and other supplements on a daily basis for the best in wellness at all times, and you should as well.

Vitamins and nutrition go hand in hand. Great dietary habits lead directly to better mental acuity and greater immune response to stressors and illness. With the help of a great vitamin supplement and smart eating habits, ensuring that your body and mind are both ready for any challenges and tasks that may come your way as a new college student is a simple process.

It can be difficult to know what to expect in your first year of college. This time will be full of wonderful moments with friends, amazing successes in the classroom, and so much more. Make sure that you utilize these key resources to achieve your full potential as you matriculate from high school and enter into this new and freeing experience that is college life.

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