It is a common saying that two heads are better than one. But, have you heard that two monitors are better than one? Well, if you heard and didn’t believe it before, now you should.

Most people assume that dual monitors are for aesthetics but it is not always the case. Over the years, several outlets have done their homework, and they conclude that dual monitors actually increase productivity.

Now, before you rush out to purchase one in a bid to improve your productivity, we should also let you know that the brand you purchase matters. Not only will you get a better work rate from a good brand, but you also get better streaming quality. Luckily, there are quality products like the Geminos dual monitor with stand, stacked with amazing features, and at a price that won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

And for those who need a bit more proof that dual monitors can positively impact their work, we have you covered! As you read on, you will find the specific ways by which these technological masterpieces can make your work life better.


More Workspace

Whether you work an office job, or own a personal workspace, you know how clumsy your table can be. Fitting monitors side-by-side alongside a keyboard and mouse is already a lot of space, so there is not much room to go about your business without moving things unnecessarily.

But what if we told you that you can have dual monitors that take the space of only one? Sounds false to you? Then you probably haven’t heard of stacked monitors.

Stacked monitors come in twos, but arranged vertically, as opposed to the common horizontal arrangement. That way, you are getting more viewing, and more space. That’s like eating your cake and having it at the same time!

So, having a stacked dual monitor with stand means you have more space to fit other work items. In short, more room for work; and in turn, more productivity!


Better Screen Sharing

Most online meetings will require you to share your screen. And you can probably recall how uncomfortable it is to have your video-sharing platform overlapping with what you are sharing with other participants.

Although attendees might not complain, having to tilt and readjust to see what you are presenting is also quite uncomfortable for them.

However, with a dual monitor, you can dedicate one to the presentation, and the other to the meeting screen. Problem solved!

And if you are someone that attends meetings often, you can attest that not every meeting needs your presence. But you just have to be there.

With a dual desk monitor, you can open the meeting on one screen while you continue your work on the other. But make sure you are listening, just in case they call for you!


More Work For Lesser Cost

The only reason why some people or organizations don’t have a dual monitor with stand is the supposed cost factor. They think these dual screens are very expensive and unaffordable.

But when you ask some questions to probe further, you will find that they think having two monitors means having two computers.

If you thought that way, it is about time we correct it. The truth is that you can have a dual screen running on the same CPU. And that is not the same as having two computers.

If you compare the cost of setting up a computer to getting a dual monitor, you will understand what we mean. These productivity boosters don’t cost up to half of what it will take you to get a standard work setup from scratch.

So, in the end, you could say that it is giving you more productivity and better viewing quality for lesser prices.


How Do Dual Monitor Setups Impact Streaming Quality?

If you are someone that plays games or streams high-quality content, you will understand that you can’t settle for less. Not only can it reduce your performance, but it also affects how much you enjoy what you love doing. And that is why getting a two-monitor setup should be your top priority.

Most common single monitors are built for functional day-to-day office work, so using them for higher resolutions is an overkill. So, in the long run, you won’t enjoy your viewing experience and will also overextend the monitor capabilities.

But with a dual monitor with stand, the reverse is the case. Provided that you opt for a product like Geminos, you will tell the difference immediately. These monitors come with resolutions built for high-quality viewing with wide screens for the best experience. So, twice the monitor, twice the fun!



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