An old saying “East or West, home is the best” is still relevant. Life is much busier today than it has ever been. You hardly have a few hours out of your day’s schedule when you can relax and enjoy with your family. The best place to do so is none other than your home.

Home is the place where you feel safe. Your family and kids can move around safely and freely without any fears. The whole family can sit together to watch movies. That makes it necessary for you to make this home comfortable. You need to arrange all the necessary facilities in your home. 

But the problem is, it is not a one-time affair. Rather it is an ongoing process. You may need to change certain furniture items or appliances after some time. You may also like to redesign a part of your home. 

And your home needs a complete renovation after a reasonable interval. That’s when you need to think about the safety of your family and the home. 

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Safety concerns during a home renovation

The safety and security of your home and family are something that you cannot ignore at any stage. But it becomes even more important when your home is undergoing a complete renovation. Why?

  • Your home will remain open for the whole day during the renovation. You cannot close the doors, especially the main entrance door because the workers have to move in or out multiple times during the day. This is the main security concern during the renovation of your home.
  • The workers will have access to every part of your home. Some of them may be permanent members of the contractor firm while quite a few will be part-timers. So, it will be difficult to differentiate between actual workers and outsiders or intruders. It adds to the vulnerability of your safety plans. 
  • There may be various tools, machinery, and equipment that the contractor will bring along for renovation purposes. These tools and machinery carry a potential risk for your family, especially when you have kids. Mishandling of these tools may result in fatal accidents.
  • The construction material is yet another potential threat. It may hinder the free movement of your family. It may also cause accidents. 
  • The construction and renovation materials may also have some chemicals and toxic items. These are very dangerous and may have serious consequences. 

These are just a few points where you need to think about the safety of your home and family when you plan to go for a full renovation.


Useful Home Renovation Safety Tips for your family

Despite all the safety issues you may face during the renovation, it is a process that must be accomplished after a certain period. You have to live with these vulnerabilities, but you can reduce or even eliminate the risks by adopting some safety measures. 

Here are some of the most useful tips that may reduce safety threats during the renovation process. 


  • Choose a reliable contractor

The contractor and his labor force will be working in your home daily for the next few days, which may extend to more than a few weeks, depending on the scope of the work. Selection of a reliable contractor will reduce your worries about the chances of any intrusion by an outsider. A reliable and trustworthy contractor will have strict control over his workers. 

Additionally, you also need to have close monitoring of the workers. Try to get familiarized with them. You may also ask the contractor not to replace the workers without any valid reason. That will greatly help your home’s safety during the renovation period. 

Never share your home keys with any of the workers. Sharing of keys with the workers may be a risky affair. Avoid it. It is better to keep the doors open to give free passage to workers. Just keep an eye on their activities. 


  • Sensors, smoke detectors, and Carbon monoxide alarm 

During the renovation, the workers need to access various parts of your home. This may expose your valuable items. While it is advisable to keep them under lock and key but there are still chances of any thefts. So, try to install door and window sensors to monitor workers’ movement. 

Also, use the smoke detectors to keep a watch on any possibility of fire eruption. Any gas or electric appliances may be damaged during the renovation work, resulting in a fire. Ensure that the smoke detectors installed in the home remain functional during the renovation process. If not already available, do install a couple of them.

Carbon monoxide is yet another potential threat. You must have a CO alarm system in place. Make sure it is working properly. Use smart technologies to turn your home into a smartzone during renovation. This will enable you to monitor your home safety 24/7.

Monitor all these detectors and sensors closely to avoid any unwanted eventuality. 


  • Family and Kids management

Before you launch the actual renovation work, train your family, especially the kids on how they should behave during the renovation process. Ask them to remain away from the actual work site. The renovation progresses in phases. 

So at least one part of the home should remain free for your family. Ask them to restrict their activities within that portion. They should refrain from unnecessary movements. 

Keep your kids away from construction tools and materials. Any direct contact with these machines and tools may result in an accident. Similarly, the construction material may contain some chemicals, which may be dangerous for the kids. 


  • Security Camera

Security cameras installed in the home must remain operative during the renovation. Get them checked before the start of work. Monitor them closely to have a close look at the activities going on in your home. 

Burglars might be tracking the pattern of safety measures in your home during the ongoing work. They might find a loose link and may attempt on your home. Hence security cameras play a crucial role in avoiding any such attempt. 


  • Use Electric Surge Protectors

While the work is in progress there is every possibility of a sudden electric surge. This may prove fatal for the lives of workers and your family. Consider installing surge protectors. They will ensure safety against a possible electric shock. 

While working on electric installations, workers must adopt all recommended safety measures against possible electric shock. Any mishandling of such installations may also cause an electric shock to any of your family members. So, it is very important to protect them from this potential threat. 



Home renovation is an unavoidable process that every homeowner has to face more than once in a lifetime. It carries various risks and threats for the family as well. With perfect planning, you can mitigate the risks involved. 

Proper planning, careful selection of the contractor, and efficient on-the-site management are necessary to accomplish this crucial task. Try to make the process smooth and free of any unwanted disturbance to your family. Adopt various safety measures to protect your home and family. 

The renovation is for your future convenience and comfort. So, face it with a smiling face but without compromising the safety of your family.



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