Download Windows 10 (Home, Pro) ISO for free with this tool

Ankit Singh (Dev)
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Download Windows 10 (Home, Pro) ISO for free with this tool

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on 29 July, and also provide a tool which can be use to install Windows 10 on your computer manually. Microsoft now merges with the peoples choices to know what everyone wants, and here most of the people want to install windows 10 from a USB. The official Media Creation Tool can boot your USB drive with Windows 10 and also you can save a free ISO to your computer to install or reinstall windows 10. Upgrading process is the most easiest and free way you always want, but ISO is useful to install Windows 10 in multiple computers without internet connectivity, but you need a product key later to activate Windows 10, Don’t forget that.

Microsoft Media Creation Tool, What is It?

This is the official Microsoft’s tool to create a Windows 10 installation media like USB drive or DVD. Earlier launched of Windows versions didn’t have opportunity like Windows 10, Here, Microsoft understands the peoples choice and now officially you can make a bootable USB without any trick. This Media creation tool also has some features that make your Windows 10 download experience more easier like: File format download optimization, Direct Media creation option, Save an ISO directly to your computer and more.

Download an ISO or Make a Bootable USB Directly

When you open this tool, it not goes installing on your computer even you can directly follow wizard and download the Windows 10’s ISO file in some minutes(depends to your internet speed up). Currently not all editions of Windows 10 available here, but according to me all best versions available, you can try Windows 10 Pro.

1. Download & Open Media Creation Tool

→ From Microsoft Official Site or Download Media Creation Tool by searching on the web. The tool is made for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit platforms, don’t mistake with your OS platform.

2. Choose an option to get ISO


This tool didn’t need to install, it opens instantly and give you a download wizard. Select Create installation media for another PC.

3. Select Edition, Media to use, and wait for download


After, Select edition and Architecture. The best version according to me is Windows 10 Pro, you can go with your choice. Next, and select ISO file> Select the destination and save. You download is started and when it completes your Windows 10 ISO appear on the destination you saved.

License of the Windows 10 ISO

Offer by Microsoft, Genuine Windows 7 and 8.1 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. With this Tool, you can upgrade for free if you didn’t find upgrade message in your computer. If you’re going to clean installation of Windows 10 with ISO you downloaded here, then you need to provide a product key to activate Windows 10. Without activation, even you can’t access for general features & settings, including personalize and more.

→ To make a clean installation with license, first upgrade your Genuine Windows 7 or 8.1 or Windows 10 to get your free license in the Microsoft account you sign in, then does a clean installation.


I can’t find some editions of Windows 10 in this tool?

There are seven different Editions of Windows 10 including mobile platform edition. In Media creation tool, Microsoft serves the best versions for personal and business users both. Later you can also get updates of all the versions in this tool from Microsoft.

Can I upgrade using this tool, instead of Control panel> Windows Update?

Yes! You can select Upgrade this PC option in the tool to upgrade.

Can I directly download Windows 10 to USB?

This is the best thing, I like in this tool that you can directly download Windows 10 to a USB drive and also your USB will convert into a bootable USB.