How to use Twitter’s new Connect Tab

Vintaytime Staff
1 year ago / Updated - May 5, 2016
How to use Twitter’s new Connect Tab
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Twitter app has now a new tab called Connect, lets you follow people you’re interested in and connect people across the world. It was replaced by previous Find people tab, but now finding new people to follow goes new experience in one place.

You’ll see a connect tab in the Apple music app, where you follow artists and as it is Twitter’s new connect tab works. The recommendations of the connect tab are based on your location, who you already follow, and what’s happening in your Twitter life.


Before and After

The feature is rolled out for everyone using the Twitter app on iOS and Android and you should update your app now to get that feature.

Let’s start

follow people icon

There is nothing big thing, only Twitter makes detailed list of people and accounts in the connect tab and you can easily open it by clicking the previous follow people icon on the top-left corner.

At the top there was a Trending featured slider that shows you the trending tags and topics by the popular accounts. After, you can see Find Friends lets you connect with your friends and family by syncing your address book.

Because You Follow

Follow suggestions are based on accounts you follow and it was detailed in your feed Because You Follow. Now I can see the suggestions based on what contacts.