WHOIS Lookup

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WHOIS Lookup by Vintaytime is a web-based tool allows users to search through WHOIS database and get the complete information about a Domain name or IP address. The tool generates information as a RAW data (Source data), and you can find your needy important information from the source data.

WHOIS data consists some sensitive information of a domain name that should not be misused, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and postal address. Some internet domain name registrars like Godaddy prevent third-party tools for accessing the complete data. Please follow the registrar’s link if you’re unable to find the complete information.

If something goes wrong, please report a problem.

How to use?

There is nothing to explain in the tool, only a input field and search button is everything you have to use. When you input a domain name, make sure it didn’t contain http://, https://, www, or any other subdomain.

Click the Search button or press ENTER to send a query.

Use the Clear button and clear the queue.

Use the Print friendly button and print RAW data in a friendly version. Chrome users can change the destination of the print and save the data as PDF.

Naked domain examples

A domain name without http://, www or subdomain is considered as a naked domain. For example, domain.com is a naked version of https://www.domain.com or example.com is a naked version of http://en.example.com.

Here are few popular examples of a naked domain:

Regular version Naked version
https://en.wikipedia.org wikipedia.org
https://www.google.com google.com
https://www.usa.gov usa.gov
http://www.asp.net asp.net
http://www.harvard.edu harvard.edu
http://www.site.co.uk site.co.uk

Browser requirements

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera