QR Code Generator

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QR Code Generator is a free tool for generating QR codes online using a web browser, and can be easily downloadable as a PNG file. The tool will absolutely work on the client-side and didn’t send/receive any request to/from the server. It means your QR Code will be created instantly in the web browser.


The tool support several QR Code types, such as URL, E-mail, SMS, YouTube Video Redirect and Send a WhatsApp Message. Here is the explanation of all supported types:

Custom: To generate a QR code of a plain text.

URL: The scanner may open the URL/Link on the device.

E-mail: Send an e-mail to a Recipient with Subject and Message Body.

Telephone Number: Launch phone’s dialer with a phone number.

Vcard: Add a contact to phone.

SMS: Send an SMS/Text to a phone number.

App Store: Redirect user to the official application store.

Wi-Fi: Connect with a Wi-Fi network.

YouTube Video: Redirect user to a YouTube video. Using YouTube app or a Web browser.

WhatsApp Message: Send a WhatsApp Message. It’s new.

How to use?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Select a type (e.g., URL or E-mail) (Default is Custom).
  2. Type or Paste your value on the field.
  3. Click the Generate QR Code button.
  4. Scan and test the QR Code with your smartphone.
  5. Select a size and download the QR Code as a PNG image.
  6. Or, Preview in a new tab.

Learn other ways to generate QR Codes.

How to scan?

QR Droid for Android and Qrafter for iPhone/iOS are the best apps to scan the QR code with a smartphone.