Google Search Submission

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Google search submission is an online tool allows you to ping a website, URL or sitemap to Google search without login or using a Google account. Generally, when it comes to submit a sitemap, you need to add and verify your site to search console, but with this tool you can ping your sitemap directly to Google search without adding your website to search console.

We didn’t 100% guarantee your submission will start appearing in search results. In case your submission didn’t appear in Google search after many submission, please add and verify your site manually to Google search console. As you verify your website, your site index ( starts visible in search results. You can now submit your sitemap to search console > select site > crawl > Sitemaps > Add sitemap.

If you want to submit a specific URL through search console, click here and do it manually (Login required).

How other search engines take data from Google search

You’re not actually submitting to Google search, even Bing and other search engines will crawl your website once your content goes indexed in Google. To prevent other search engines from indexing your site, use the Robots.txt method.

How to remove my submission from Google search

If you’re a site owner and want to remove some of your pages from search results, simply block those URLs or entire directories in your Robots.txt file. You can also raise content removal request if you’re not the owner of the website.