Domain Age Checker

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Domain age checker by Vintaytime is a web-based tool that calculate the exact age of a domain name by using the domain’s creation date. It gives you the age results in years, months and days. Along with, you can also see the value of when the domain was created. This tool gets the domain’s creation information from WHOIS database.

Age of the domain name is also considered as the age of the website. People who’re searching for website age checker, please use this tool.

If you’re facing any problem with the above tool, please report the problem.

How to use?

Just type or paste a domain name on the above tool and click the check button. Make sure the input domain name didn’t contain http://, https://, www, or any other subdomain. Use the clear button to clear everything generated by the tool.

What is a very private domain?

If the tool is showing ‘ is very private’, it means the WHOIS data of the domain name is protected. In this case, you have to calculate the age of the domain name manually using different online tools.

Go to ICANN’S WHOIS lookup tool > type the very private domain name > look at created date value > choose that value on Age calculator > calculate.