The Best Free “Backlink Checker” Tools On Web

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
The Best Free “Backlink Checker” Tools On Web

In the world of SEO, inbound links plays the most important role, according to a search engine marketer. Every site owner has their own list of SEO tools, some are free, some are paid, but here are some online tools to check the number of backlinks to your site absolutely free of cost. The backlink checker tools listed below is all reviewed by me and the fact I found on these tools is each has their own way to explore the links. You can also check links by filtering results, like High PR pages, .Edu links and more. According to Google, Only backlinks can’t grow your page rank, you should care about the quality of the source and this is called quality backlinks. Explore your low quality links, and try to remove if possible.

Vintaytime Dev Scores out of 10
Ahrefs 9.5
SEMrush 9
Google Webmaster 8
Majestic 8.5
Rank Signals 8
Backlink Watch 8



The backlink report generated by Ahrefs is the best and all you need. Everything you can explore of a domain, path, page or other. You can check the number of incoming links from different quality sources and domains, .gov, .org and more. Backlinks types show how your site was linked, Ex. nofollow links, dofollow links, text links and more. You can also compare your site with another domain or explore your competitors link sources to better know about their SEO success. Ahrefs is not totally free, but after subscribing as a newbie, you can use it as a free user.



Bunch of SEO tools and one SEMrush. Not just a backlink checker, the tool provides you some better marketing tools like Organic traffic, keyword research and more, but not free. It was free for a time period else you can subscribe. Backlinks result show me the number of inbound links, types, top TLDs and more. I must say, you can try this tool as a free user and make the decision yourself. Backlinks comparison of domains in SEMrush is very powerful, even you can compare more than 4-5 domain at once. When I explore the links of my competitor’s domain, this works similar to ahrefs, but the incoming links sources & table is written in a more informative way.

Google Webmaster Tools


I don’t want to put Webmaster tools links explorer feature at here, because it doesn’t give an advanced backlink report, but it is compulsory to know what incoming links google officially found on the web. As a site owner, open the Google webmaster tools and select your site. The dashboard is opened, Expand Search Traffic and click Links to your site. The only value you need to know is Total links, which is shown right on your screen. You can also check your most linked pages and anchor texts from there.



Enter the domain and see how Majestic shows the backlink results. The two different metrics flow shown at the top of  the result page, which is weighted according to the backlinks and popularity of the given domain. A lite experience with Majestic site explorer with infographic charts, history of external links, total external links, referring domains, IPs and all other features shows everything we want in a backlink checker tool.

Open Site Explorer(OSE)


Moz, the most popular marketing company created Open Site Explorer tool to explore links of a given domain, URL. The tool was very lite and easy to use (because no advance backlink report). OSE generate report very quickly, and all numbers of inbound links shown on your screen and you can check all the incoming links using navigation button below, no more subscription required here. You can also filter results to check follow, nofollow and more types of links in the results.

Rank Signals


The company Rank Signals provides their own chrome extension to check backlinks and other SEO metrics of the page currently opened in the browser. Talking about the tool to check backlinks and it awesome. Enter the domain and start exploring inbound link pages with Pagerank. Once you sign up, you can full access number of inbound links of a domain.

Backlink Watch


This is the completely free tool to check backlinks, no Sign up, no subscription, only explore and explore. The result page is awesome, even more than thousand of inbound link sources shown in one search query. I found Backlinkwatch with the help of google search results.


“This site has no backlinks”, what is it mean?

It means your site is newly comes to web or really your inbound links didn’t have much quantity or quality. Try to build quality backlinks.