12 Brilliant Social Sharing and Bookmarking Buttons For Blogspot

Vintaytime Staff
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
12 Brilliant Social Sharing and Bookmarking Buttons For Blogspot

Google already gives social sharing feature in blogger, but the icons are so simple and according to me, you always add buttons that’s looks attractive or creative so your social sharing analytic always increase. In blogspot platform you can add social buttons anywhere in your page like below title, below post, side floating or custom place. Many blogspot folks want everything in our blog as WordPress platform, so for those i suggest you those sharing buttons which not made with server side scripting language like PHP, .net and more, you can customize your buttons in your way using your HTML and CSS skills.

Before begin, I suggest you a thing is always choose buttons which are very light and not highly customized. I know many people search term in google with SEO so don’t be fooled and don’t try to add buttons without JavaScript. I knew in blogger platform, there is no way to modify .htaccess file to enable leverage browser caching, but your file is hosted on google server so don’t waste so much time in reducing page size its not highly matter in SEO.

If you are thinking WordPress Social sharing plugins features not coming on blogger platform so you in fact wrong, you just only want some CSS and HTML knowledge and you can build creative sharing buttons for your blogspot blog and also for others.

Large Share Counters / #01



This is the only share counter I love from add to any. There are so many alternatives also available, but this is best for me because I like buttons which not contain any text like “share, like, don’t be selfish or other”. The counter looking awesome and your blogspot blog looks richer and smart. Before copy code make sure you take right code snippet from the source link, there are also another buttons found in the page, so the above snapshot is of Large share counters, which already appears at top of the list.

Balloon counters / #2



Buttons with counter is a choice of 90% of blogs on the web and you see mostly official sites, blogs contain simple buttons and some with balloon counter. This is also a better option for you because many people avoid floating buttons because in mobile platform the share buttons don’t appear and this is a traffic growth mistake.

To get the above snapshot button, select the link source from above > Choose blogger platform > Select balloon buttons as you see in screen > Click Next Customize > Customize your buttons > Hit Get the code.

Custom Service Icons / #3



Another best set from addtoany that not have any counter, but it’s awesome. When you click the icon the popup window come into the center and your post auto redirect to share page of the selected social site. It’s my 2nd favorite because I like buttons that looks attractive and not have large script load. Don’t  choose any button from my choice, every person has their own choice and it’s not important that your blog visitors like my choice buttons.

Social bookmarking with roll hover effect /#4


Here is a another creative set that has roll icon features when you hover your mouse on any button. You see in source link the color of the icon also changed when you hover any button so don’t ignore this choice its really outstanding. Popup window not available  in this set so you may search “Center popup windows JS” in google.


The Floating buttons / #5



Ok ! floating fixed buttons, which are popular when many people use blogger platform but sadly now its time of WordPress. I always ignore floating fixed button because it’s not working on the mobile platform. Many blogs not serve mobile sites so if you are one of them so you may grab this button code from the MBT link in the heading. The customization of this is very simple you just customize borders, background of this button set or do in your way.

Full width Floating / #6



It’s really unique from all buttons listed on this page. When you use this to your blogger blog the large floating buttons feel like popular news tech sites. Simply customize the message you see in the snapshot below of buttons. Actually, when you hover button the simple button appear so first take a demo from source link. There is also a “Close” JavaScript action, which closes share panel on click.

Metro Style Pure CSS / #7



Now its my 3rd favorite i suggest many blogspot folks to use them. It’s really looking modern and CSS3 fill which attract customers to share your article. Before ignoring this, please paste the code of this button to your blog for testing purpose if you don’t like simply remove it but according to me it’s looking totally brilliant. Don’t fixed buttons with CSS, just use them below title or post that also works perfectly on a mobile platform.

All in one with Tool Tip / #8



All in one is just a name but the icons looking good and attractive. I suggest this to those folks who use the light weight template and publish web designing tricks because its not feels best in news blogs. After saving the code when you hover any icon you see all other icons goes transparent and only hovered icon is appearing bright, so the features are cool and unique I give then 4.5/5 without any test.

Ribbon Style Buttons / #9



Ribbon buttons looking beautiful in above snapshot and also looks good in the live blog. If you ever use another platform for blogging like WordPress you see these types of highly customized icons are tons of available on the platform, the source link site author made this for Google blogger users and why you skip this.

Locked Content Social buttons / #10



Using this social share button set let users easily lock any link for which a user comes to your web page and also you can deal with your user to first hit any share button and get your link( download link or other). It’s not good for user experience because a visitor wants friendship with your blog not deal.

Light weighted social icons buttons / #11



This button set is very light and totally perfect for mobile sites also. You can only enable this button set code for mobile use by using Blogger mobile conditional code. In mobile platform top internet browser is many and one of them is opera mini which doesn’t support JavaScript, you may choose this set if you pay more attention in your mobile site.

Horizontal Simple buttons  / #12



It’s time for a simple and most popular share buttons which is used over any blogging platform. Actually custom buttons are only for those blogs which publish creative contents like web designing, Photoshop tricks and some more designing tips.