How To Rank On The First Page Of Google Search – SEO Technique

Ankit Singh (Dev)
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
How To Rank On The First Page Of Google Search – SEO Technique

Did you know how google search algorithm works ? Yes or No ! Depends to you, but for me, I say Yes! And after testing hundred’s of SEO techniques I found the way you can use today to get google’s first page ranking without wasting time & money on SEO services. Not every expert gives the exact time google takes to rank on the first page, but  at-least you can collect others opinion and experience whose sites are always ranking on the first page or first position. When i in-depth understood about the Google Algorithm then I know about a first page ranking algorithm. You can also define this topic with competition, optimization, formulas, techniques, time-period etc.

In google first ranking race you have to prove why Google ranks your site first and skip others in your mind and target to win a visitor’s heart. Blackhat SEO is a not always a good idea and in today’s time its not works successfully for everyone that’s why our techniques are made thinking of every ranking factor fits perfect in your website or a single web page.

Note that below techniques are the way to pull rank on your site if your web page/site not appearing in the first page don’t give up just continuously stay and once google give you a surprise.

Build links with keyword anchor text

Backlinks plays the most important role in pushing a site/webpage to google’s  first page. I always learn every type of link building techniques from web because no one knows when small techniques do big work in future.

Anchor text matters in google algorithm and you see in webmaster tools google tell users how your data are linked. To see all of your anchor text list Sign in to Webmaster tools > Select site > Expand Search Traffic > Links to your site > How your data is linked > more. You see all of your backlinks, anchor texts folks used when putting your link on our site/blog.

Now this time you need only the focus keyword on your anchor text. Don’t edit old links start with building new from high quality backlinks sources. The technique is like if you’re targeting keyword “Online Free Candy” in search results so just build your links with anchor texts “Online Free Candy”, “Free Candy”. Don’t add other words like How/There/When/Buy/Please arts and the source should look like this :

<a href="" >Online Free Candy</a>

<a href="" >Free Candy</a>

When google found that mostly peoples taking Online free candy from your link, they just boost your site or a single web page in first page/position when any one search term “Online free candy”. This the most unknown method in SEO chapters and only some experts know this technique.

Add only keywords in URL

I know auto generated URLs is good and also ranked in multiple queries, but this time the game is to rank a site on search results first page and according to me auto generated URLs not good for targeting a single keyword.

After reading SEO url formats you notice i recommend shorten url to improve ranking. Yes ! Shorten permalink rank better in search results and don’t confuse in between permalink structures it depends on you which structure you have to own, but make sure the url contain only those keywords which you want to focus for Ex. If you want to target the search term “Pink candy” in google  search so your url should look like this :

If you are using a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger so it’s easy to change the URL keywords, Just find url edit area when editing post and replace auto generated url keywords to only keywords.

Add Commas(,) or Digits in Title with a Unique Keyword

Now its turn of Title Tag the most important tag of your web page. This time we have to rank on the first page so our SEO title tag article has a little change. Modern SEO teaches us to publish unique title tag, but this time  I suggest you to add 90% focus keywords and 10% unique keywords.

Google found Separate commas(,)  web pages have multiple information about the search topic that’s why google recommend comma in the title tag. For Ex. Your target keyword is “Buy White Candy” so your title should be :

<title>Buy Candy - White, Blue, Red, Black & Yellow</title>

Numerical digits in the title tag are better for SEO and in today’s web Google really rank numerical digits title up in search results that’s i suggest you to make your title with digits. Here are the examples :

<title>20 Best Dark Chocolates You Should Buy From New York</title>

Unique Keyword refers to Alternative text, Meaningful word or Related word which you can put in starting or end of a title. First do a Keyword Research >  Take your keyword and add some unique/alternative words with. For Ex. I want to target “Website Layouts” so my title should be :

<title>Professional Websites Layouts</title>

<title>Brilliant Websites Layouts</title>

<title>Ultimate Websites Layouts</title>

If your company name is already a unique word so make title like this :

<title>Vintaytime Websites Layouts</title>

Publish Lengthy content

I found lengthy content’s rank first in search and you don’t know why it deserves. Suppose you are main head of Google Search and today you have to find a code solution which automatically rank web pages in first page which are really informative, quality, trusted and popular so tell me which is the first quality you add in your search algorithm ? Yes ! Popular & Informative because 80% visitors on web like learning resource who publish well defined contents and defined contents are always lengthy that’s why lengthy contents are the golden chance to rank first on Google. I know here your confusion, finished why Wikipedia rank first.

As a example, you can take “How to become a Hacker” article ranking at first position even your search term is only “Hacker” :


Another one Backlinko article “Google Ranking Factors” :


Meta Description should be Medium with Focus keywords

Google understands the description meta tag and put the meta tag content in search results. There are also so many other meta tags are found, but for me matter those which matter in SEO and Google understands some meta tags. Not every time google show description tag in the search it depends to search, query, If the user search keyword is found in description tag, then google shows only description meta tag if the search term is different and the term is in your page contents than google show the paragraph in search results.

I know description don’t highly matter, but you have to concentrate this tag i know little- little things do big- big work and helps in first page ranking. Medium means your description should be 20-30 words and contain the main search term which you are focusing for Ex. Rainbow Candy :


Don’t forget about Quality & Keywords Density

Quality contents are the most important part you have to always be serious about. If you think google review your site so just forget it, You don’t know how many new sites/pages/links google daily crawl in search. Actually google detect your ranking signals for SEO and then your site goes up in search that’s why today search engine optimization comes in the most popular topics list in online communities/forums/support. The meaning of quality is Original, Trusted, Useful, Informative and Branded.

If you publish lengthy contents the keywords density matters, that’s why before publishing content, please improve your keywords density using some tools listed below :

Homepage Ranking – Your domain should contain the targeted query

If you are targeting your home page ranking on the first page so it’s a little hard for you, but for me its not a big deal. First of all I tell you new website’s home page not rank rapidly until your site age goes old. It’s important to follow some Homepage SEO rules or if your domain name contains keyword related to the keyword you are focusing then all is well.

For Ex. This domain targets keyword “SEO Site Checker” and you see in below snapshot the domain contains 90% target keywords :


Google’s Ranking Time-Period

According to tech giant Google, old sites have more knowledge than new one so their algorithm rank old sites rapidly than new sites. If you add your site in google news you didn’t want to wait for first page ranking just publish your content and google automatically show your post on the first page but its limited foe some days.

The question is How much time Google Takes to Rank a Website on First Page ?

According to my experience if your site is old and have good backlinks so your new page rank under 2-7  days but i know this is the worst answer ever. Actually, our techniques successfully worked with 90% clients, but for in-depth information you can read How Long Does it Take to Get a First Page Google Ranking? article By Godigitalmarketing.


Try Google Paid Search

Are you running a large online brand and have good budget, then try paid search by Google Adwords. It will rank your site as you pay there is no SEO/Quality/Technique/Time-Period matters, only money.