With Facebook, How you can make money more than a job

Ankit Singh (Dev)
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
With Facebook, How you can make money more than a job

Facebook is the only social networking platform, which has more than billions of active users worldwide. In online business, Google products are always right, but in some places Google is very strict for their rules, and on Facebook you can independently do a business, sell products, affiliate marketing and more without any restriction. Earning money from Facebook, is very similar to earn money online without a website, but you need a website or domain to sell affiliate products. Here, I use Facebook Pages with ads to do some marketing, product sell, regional based product sell, my own content sell and many more ways with an investment or without investment.

Affiliate Marketing with Facebook

Investment: Ads, Profit: Very Strong

Affiliate marketing is 3rd best way to earn money online. To make an affiliate marketing very success, you need to do some paid promotion(ads), but Google doesn’t allow affiliate links in ads and also they give negative SEO effect to pages contained so much affiliate links. Facebook didn’t have any policy against affiliate links, but you need to choose those affiliate products, which can attract users on Facebook Globally. Don’t forget to target users, region and interest in a Facebook ad campaign, so you will surely get so many sales and for every sale you got a good commission from the company you become affiliate partner. Without investing on Facebook ads, you can refer friends, share link to groups, pages and more, but it may result less earnings.

→ To start affiliate marketing on Facebook, first apply for affiliate of any company, including Amazon, e-commerce sites, products or top affiliate programs. After when you become, you will get a link which you want to promote with Facebook, for every sale with your link will give you earnings from the affiliate site.

Promote a Local Business

Investment: Ads, Profit: Strong

With over billions of users, you can’t say that in your region only limited people use Facebook.com, this social networking site madness is everywhere and now it time to promote your business or other offline business through Facebook. This work belongs to Internet Marketer, but for local small business, anybody can promote their business and make money. The budget of local ads is very low, and you can charge your client more than 2X, 3X. It means all of your earnings are built with the help of Facebook. Say thanks to Facebook, Again!!

→ Create a Business Facebook Page> Ad Manager > Create Advert> Choose Audience: Your city name> Wait for ad approve> measure success> you happy, your client happy!!, See more at Facebook Local Awareness.

Your 1 Product and Facebook Ads

Investment: Ads, Product, Profit: Very Strong

As a business with low investment, you can sell a single product like a flood with the help of Facebook ads. Product are like Books, Accessories, Home Decoration and more. Investment is nothing, you can actually deal with a shop keeper who sell attractive products, buy 50-100 pieces of the products and start your advertisement campaign. You can do product shipment to out of city and make yourself an eCommerce company within some days with the help of Facebook. First, take a low budget campaign and test, is that really profitable for you or not.

Profit is very strong here, many offline business owners are unsuccessful in this world due to bad region, but on Facebook you can start your business without thinking more customers crowd. You also need a website to get orders, here are some Best web hosting available.

Separate Facebook’s Product Page

Investment: Ads, Products, Profit: Medium


Facebook app is a way to add an eCommerce store tab on your Facebook page, that let you sell products like an eCommerce site. Companies like Shopify give better services to create  your online Facebook store. Shopify is paid platform, you can also google and find some free apps to install store on a Facebook page, otherwise go for paid platforms.