How To Download, Install and Use LineageOS Custom ROM On Android

Vintaytime Staff
9 months ago / Updated - March 9, 2017
How To Download, Install and Use LineageOS Custom ROM On Android

If you don’t know how to install a custom ROM on Android, this is the complete guide to downloading, installing and using LineageOS. In the list of best custom ROMs, we placed LineageOS at the top of the list. It is the  successor of the most popular custom ROM, CyanogenMod.

There is so much benefit of using a custom ROM on our Android, such as latest Android version, more customization, root access and more. But the one thing you will lose is your phone’s warranty. LineageOS come with latest Android version and it is available for more devices than other custom ROMs. See how many devices in the world are running LineageOS.

How To Download LineageOS

LineageOS is made different for every Android phone, and its important for your device that it should be available in the list of supported devices for LineageOS. Go to and select your device vendor, model from the left-hand menu. If your device is listed on the menu, simply download the latest build file and save it on your PC.


How To Install LineageOS

Step 1, Unlock your phone’s bootloader: You cannot flash custom recovery and ROMs until your Android phone goes unlock. Read the complete guide on unlocking bootloader on any device. Note that unlocking your phone will distort your phone’s warranty. Please make sure your warranty period was end.

Step 2, Install custom recovery: Custom recovery like TWRP and CWM make it easy to flash custom ROMs and other mods without using the PC. TWRP is my favorite recovery software, read the complete guide on installing TWRP on any Android device.


Step 3, Install LineageOS: Open the bootloader menu on your phone and launch recovery. This will open TWRP recovery. Now, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your phone to PC using a USB cable.
  2. Transfer the LineageOS ZIP file to the phone’s internal storage.
  3. Disconnect the USB cable and go to TWRP.
  4. Click on ‘Install’, select ‘’ and swipe right to flash.
  5. Wipe ‘Dalvik Cache’ after the installation (optional).

Step 4, Install Google apps and Services: Google apps like Play Store, Google Play Services, YouTube, Maps, Search, Calendar, and Contacts are very common apps for every Android device. These stuffs are not available by default in LineageOS builds. Read the complete guide to downloading and installing Gapps.

Once everything is installed, simply reboot your device.

How To Use LineageOS

LineageOS come with the latest Android version, and so many additional features. According to the statistics, LineageOS is near to touch the milestone of 1 million active installs around the world.

Pure Android Experience

First thing, LineageOS is a pure Android experience like Nexus and Pixel devices, and you should not have any trouble using it. Currently I’m using LineageOS with Android Nougat, and I got all new feature of the Nougat, such as Multi-window, Notification Enhancements, Background Optimizations, SurfaceView, Data Saver, Number Blocking, Call Screening and New Emojis.


Get Improvement Updates

When a new OS version pushes for your device from the developer end, you will get a notification on your phone, or go to settings > about phone > LineageOS updates. If any bug exists in your build, you can highlight that on their community, so the LineageOS team will release the next stable update or build in a week.


More Customization

If you’re currently with LineageOS, go to settings and use some additional features, such as navigation bar customization in Buttons, battery and clock style in Status bar, lock screen shortcuts in Lock Screen, and ambient, live display in Display.

Push down the Quick Settings tray, click the edit button and customize icons by drag & drop.


There are more customization features available in LineageOS I can’t describe all.

Easily Root Your Device

If you are using a custom ROM, i’m sure your bootloader will be unlocked and a custom recovery is installed on your device. Now you can easily get root permission by flashing SuperSU ZIP file through the custom recovery menu. Just download Recovery Flashable ZIP, launch custom recovery and flash SuperSU ZIP file.


More Privacy and Security

Go to Settings > Privacy and use the two most useful features called Privacy Guard and Protected apps. Privacy Guard denies applications from accessing to your personal data, such as location and contact list. Protected apps lets you lock any installed apps with a pattern.


Go to Settings > Security and use 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6 pattern size for the insane security. It looks really good, even your friends will not be able to remember the unlock pattern after seeing.


System Profiles

Switching to a different System Profile can change lots of settings, such as connect to a different Wi-Fi network, change ringtone, volume, lock screen mode, and screen brightness. You can create your own profile from Settings > System Profiles. Add Triggers, Actions and configure your new profile.


More Features in Developer Options

Every Android device has ‘Developer Options’ in the settings menu. It visible when you tap 7 times on About phone > Build number. In LineageOS, you can find lots of new things in the Developer Options list, such as Advanced restart, Enable terminal app, and Kill app back button.