Quickly share Dropbox files on the Facebook Messenger app

Ankit Singh (Dev)
1 year ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Quickly share Dropbox files on the Facebook Messenger app

Messenger integration with apps is the greatest feature of all time, and sending app data through messenger makes the conservation really awesome. Now, the new support of app on Facebook messenger makes file sharing easy for Dropbox users.

Facebook messenger for iOS and Android now lets you share, view Dropbox files, photos, videos directly from the messenger app. In a 11 April blog post by Dropbox, it’s gone official. Messenger team also announces the news on their Facebook page.


Dropbox is a favorite cloud service of millions of users, but if you compare with free cloud storage, then Dropbox is nothing.


To get started sharing files from Dropbox, make sure your phone has both Messenger and Dropbox app installed. Once you are done, click the more button on a conservation and select Dropbox. Now select the file and tap Send.


You can also share media files on messenger directly from the Dropbox app, just go to Dropbox app> hold over a file>Export>Messenger.

Media files like video, image, including animated GIFs will preview directly on messenger as you select, and press the send button after reviewing it.

Stan Chudnovsky, head of product for Messenger said:

Giving our users the ability to share their Dropbox videos and images in Messenger threads, with just a few taps will help them bring more style and personality to those conversations.