Blackhat Vs Whitehat Seo – Techniques and Compared

Ankit Singh (Dev)
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Blackhat Vs Whitehat Seo – Techniques and Compared

Google is really strict against spam SEO strategy and you don’t know every year google banned Approx. Millions of sites due to spam activities & content in a single web page. The topic Blackhat search engine optimization is only for learning purpose because there is a risk that make your site banned from Google Search. The black hat technique only has one target to get a traffic flood from organic search and the human who do this he didn’t care content marketing strategy, visitors’ trust, user experience, informative content, rules, regulations and much more. We always  shield our site from blackhat but you don’t because it is now a popular topic in SEO, So just learn this for your information but no one knows when this technique helps you in future. Other hand Whitehat search engine optimization is just invert of black hat SEO, you can see comparison table below to better understand.

In internet marketing industry, SEO tools are used over 100s times in a day by a single user because those users want to make an outstanding strategy, but for Blackhat there is no more official tools available but some resource still active, you can search them now.

Every SEO tool is developing according to Whitehat strategy so we again recommend all of you don’t waste time in making blackhat strategy, it totally worst in modern time because google hire those folks who are more clever than you.

A Quick Introduction

Blackhat – This is a method that breaks search engine rules and rank a web page rapidly in search results. The content of a web page is mostly spam/hidden/usefulness/worst and the visitors over web page feels like Hell. Blackhat optimized sites are mostly banned by search engines cause spam activities.

Whitehat – In whitehat the formula is just reverse, Using this method you can rank any web page rapidly in search results without any banned risk. This method is called pure search engine optimization and SEO companies used Whitehat to get a traffic flood from organic search instead of social media traffic.

Better Comparison

Blackhat Whitehat
Break search engine rules Follow search engine rules
Keyword Stuffing Keyword Analysis
Invisible text Visible & Defined Text
Unethical SEO Ethical SEO
Spam Content Perfect Content
Page swapping No swapping
80% Banned risk Risk Free

Search engine rules – Every search engine has their own rules, but some of the rules are same like your web page should have rich contents, title optimization, SEO url and more. Google gives an SEO PDF, with you can learn what rules to own to rank a website first in google search results.

Keywords – Keywords used in blackhat technique are stuffing other hand whitehat technique include keyword research tools which found in the web that helps users to find a perfect keyword for your title & description tag.

Texts – Your texts should be visible & easy to readable, so the user can easily read your text. You can also use web safe fonts instead of other highly designed fonts. Don’t do so much spell mistakes because it decreases your site quality, in the visitor’s eyes. Before publishing your web page, please do check your spelling/grammar and read at least once your web page content again.

Ethical/Unethical Seo – Ethical SEO tends to whitehat which used by long-term investment company/business/organization. Other side Unethical is just reverse and this tends to blackhat.

Useful content – Every one knows in toady’s time anyone can make their own website and publish content, but make sure your content should be rich, useful, informative & perfect according to your web page title.

Page swapping – This is a method in which a person’s rank a web page up in search results and immediately change the page contents without informing search engine. This page rank until Google updates your url.

Google banned – Google always in hunt of sites & web pages which serve thin/usefulness/spam contents to users and when they found those sites it banned by google. When your site is banned, your pages are just invisible from search results.

Blackhat SEO Technique

Did you know how search engine works ? If Yes !, so you can easily make your own technique that cheat search engine many times. Actually, this technique is invented by those who have ultimate knowledge of SEO but the problem persists with devil thinking which mostly in hackers mind. You can’t hack google at once, but at-least cheat in some places which tends to blackhat technique.

Using page swapping technique you can sell ads/promote/advertise on the whole page. Most web pages on search results are currently doing this. The question is why search engine doesn’t update the URL of swapping pages? The technique is “Sitemap”, If you give update frequency to a url 1 year in sitemap google not update your url until 1 year complete.

As you know in SEO  the contents of your web page should be unique and keyword density should be less. So at this time black-hat technique add keywords in a web page that not related to the topic of the web page so when search engine crawl your page it found your contents are unique from other pages and keyword density is 100% better. Now your web page goes first in search results.

Invisible text technique is a very strong spam. Actually search engines read your source front end codes and you know there is no design matters, that’s why the blackhat successfully hide text from users by changing background and text color in white.

Whitehat SEO Technique

In this technique 90% work is just reversing of blackhat. Everything you learn about search engine optimization comes in side of whitehat. Whitehat target to get a flood of traffic from organic search results by following all small rules of optimization.

Backlinks are the most important section in whitehat. In this technique the person tries to get high quality backlinks for a site and increase page rank. This is the most expensive way to make newly launched internet brand success and get more traffic from organic search.

What to Avoid ?

After reading above everything, you know what you have to avoid? Yes ! The Blackhat technique, Keep aware from any type of activities that feels spam because it totally destroy your career/business/website/search visibility in just some hours or minutes.