19 Best and Useful Chrome Extensions On The Chrome Web Store

Ankit Singh (Dev)
1 year ago / Updated - November 15, 2016
19 Best and Useful Chrome Extensions On The Chrome Web Store

As we know, chrome extensions are very useful, even every browser extension is considered as useful. They extend the functionality of a web browser without installing any additional software in the computer.

The official chrome extension store has thousands of extensions for Google chrome, of which, I picked up some most useful and best extensions only for you. Because external extensions are not safe, I cannot include any external chrome extension in my list.

On the official web store, all apps, themes, games and extensions are developed using web languages and developers can monetize their extension with ads and prices. My below, hand-picked extensions are absolutely free, but may be some will contain ads.

Following are the best chrome extensions on the web store:

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the most installed browser extension in the web store right now. It blocks all annoying ads and malware from the websites you visit, and serve you website content faster than before. Learn how to block ads on chrome with Adblock Plus.

2. Ghostery

Ghostery detects tracking JavaScript codes from websites you visit with chrome browser, and give you control to block those scripts through Ghostery browser extension.

3. anonymoX

anonymoX change your real internet identity, such as IP address and country and make you an anonymous user of the web. By using the extension, you can easily access any blocked and censored sites from your computer.


(This extension may slow down your internet speed)

4. LastPass

With the LasPass chrome extension, you don’t need to remember any username and passwords of sites you registered with, such as Amazon, Google, YouTube, Banking, and Email sites. LastPass is available on cross platform devices and your stored credentials can be used on any device.


5. Honey

Shopping online without coupons? It’s easy to apply a coupon code in your order, but it’s hard to find coupons every time you shop. Honey for chrome make it easy to apply a discount coupon automatically to your order when you checkout on a shopping website.

Please see the the supported sites and countries from the developer’s website.

6. Google Dictionary

While reading on the internet, sometime you need to find a meaning of a word you didn’t understand. Google Dictionary (Officially by Google) lets you find the definition of words from any web page by selecting or double-clicking over the text. A quick definition pop-up automatically appear over the selected words.

Google Dictionary

7. Magic Actions for YouTube

There are lots of YouTube tricks possible with browser extensions, but this extension combines all tricks in a single extension. Magic actions for YouTube give more control and features to the YouTube HTML player, like Auto HD, Auto wide, stop Autoplay and more.

Magic Actions for YouTube

8. Readability

You probably use the reader mode feature in Safari and Firefox web browser. It makes any web article to a comfortable and clutter-free view so that you can easily read the main content (not additional contents). The same thing Readability will do in the chrome browser.

9. Emoji Input

I know your computer’s hardware keyboard doesn’t have any emoji buttons like smartphone’s onscreen keyboard, and it’s pretty hard to type emoji with that keyboard. Emoji Input, a chrome extension helps you input emoji with just a click, even you can also search any emoji from the extension menu.

Emoji Input

10. HTTPS Everywhere

You probably know about secure socket layer connection (https://) on websites. Google recommends every website to use HTTPS on your website to make the web more secure. Some sites support HTTPS, but the user is still using the unsecured HTTP:// version.

HTTPS Everywhere extension force all websites to use secure connection (HTTPS://) instead of HTTP. (only if they support)

11. Stylish

With Stylish, you can customize any website design with your own custom design. Although there are thousands of themes already designed for popular websites like Google and Facebook. Just install the extension on your chrome browser, and install thousands of free themes from Userstyles.org.

12. Invite All Friends on Facebook

On Facebook, when it comes to invite all friends to your page or event, it may take so much time because there is no official way to invite all friends at once. With Invite all friends extension, you can click all ‘Invite Friend’ buttons at once on your Facebook page or event.

Learn how to invite all friends on a Facebook page.

13. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is one of the most helpful software in the market that connects all your devices and helps you share SMS, files, notification and information between connected devices. With Pushbullet for chrome, you can share everything between you chrome browser and devices.


14. Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly for chrome improve your grammar and fix spelling mistakes wherever you write on websites with your chrome browser. Grammar and spelling mistakes automatically check and highlighted as you type, and you can fix the mistake by clicking on it.

Grammarly for Chrome

15. iMacros for Chrome

iMacros replay your task to many times you want. For example, I want to fill up a form on a website many times in a day. But by recording my task of form filling with iMacros, I actually repeat the task automatically in the chrome browser.

16. Data Saver

Between lots of data saving software and services, Data Saver extension for chrome is one of them. Offered by Google, the extension automatically sends your requested website to Google servers and serve you optimize version of the website. It didn’t work with private connections (HTTPS) and incognito mode.

17. Select and Speak

With a high quality text-to-speech (TTS) speech or synthesis service, Select and Speak for chrome make it easy to listen any paragraph or selected text directly from the browser. You can also change voice speed and languages from the extension settings menu.

Select and Speak

18. DInstagram

There are many ways to download Instagram photos and videos. One of the most popular ways is Online Instagram Downloader. But there is no simpler way than browser extension. DInstagram allows you to download photos and video from Instagram with just a click.

19. PanicButton

If you don’t want people around you to see what you’re doing or watching on the internet, PanicButton can be very useful for you. With just a click, all your opened tabs in Chrome close down, and a another click restores all hidden tabs. You can even set a password for storing tabs from the settings page.