5+ Tips and Tricks for the Successful Adsense Approval

Vintaytime Staff
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
5+ Tips and Tricks for the Successful Adsense Approval

Adsense monetization, lets you earn money from your web contents and its a best choice for your contents also, because it’s a property of most popular ads company Google inc. But when it comes to approving Adsense account, then its gonna be little tough. Approval is not tough for every person, because many of you apply Adsense application without reading any their program policies & conditions. That is the major reason why publishers get a disapproval email every time. First we think about how Google run this program cycle and how Google pays to publishers. Actually Google want Ads on those places where contents are have their own quality and originality, if Google don’t do this, the advertisers will no more use the Adwords network for their business promotion and use some other Adsense alternatives. Many peoples when get mad about Adsense approval, they start finding other ad networks which called Adsense alternatives.

Now in modern times Google is really strict for publisher websites, blogs and other contents because there are so much people who trying to earn ($) from the internet and there are limited some official ways to earn money from internet and one of them is Adsense. When Google research for spam, copyright and low quality contents on web they really disappoint when they found these types of contents and also punish to bad publishers like Adsense banned for content.

Learn about quality contents

I really excited to write this topic for new folks in blogging because the Adsense disapproval problem persist with new folks. New publishers probably didn’t take interest in policies, tips, tricks of approval, but after reading this article if your application goes approved so please read the Adnsense policies once. The first tip is: Quality Contents, this is the topic why all new publishers really goes confuse what is quality contents ?. We really feel happy if you understood this easy topic.

Actually the main thing you have to focus is contents of your website pages. It should look rich, descriptive and helpful and when these things appear on your content so that is called quality contents. Contents are of many types like Articles, Web Software, Multimedia and more. If you’re a blogger and your site content is text, images and articles then you should write described/original articles and don’t try to copy media files or texts from other web pages otherwise your Adsnese application will disapproved due to copyrighted contents.

If your content is a software/web software/products/services then the only thing is left is popularity. I know contents are of many types on web, I end this topic by explaining in single line:

Is your content really deserve earnings, forget about hard-work. If yes! then go ahead and re-apply for Adsense, If no! then please give some time for improvement and increase your content quantity(content quantity is like increasing posts on a blog).

Another way to detect quality of your contents is see your visitors reaction in comments, social shares, social fans and more. Your content should not unhappy users so if you feel like your visitors is really happy with your contents then its called quality contents.

Remove other network advertisement banners

Google is not strict if you use multiple advertisement networks on your site, but it matters when you are going to become a Adsnese publisher.Selling so many ads to visitors may affect the reputation of your site which causes bad visitors experience and that is a another reason why Google continuously disapproving your approval.

Many of approved publishers also use Adsnese Alternatives because of some reasons like Adsnese paying very Low CPC etc, You’re totally allowed to place codes of your own personal advertisers or non-Google ads banners but for a little time while you’re applying for the Adsnese approval, you should remove other ad banners because while reviewing your application Google goes little strict and other network banners also causes disapproval. This is not a part of Eligibility to participate in Adsense, but it is my experience.

Increase Your Traffic

Many of Adsnese alternatives required traffic to participate in the program but Adsense didn’t have any requirement of traffic. But still i’m telling to you to increase your traffic to approve your application. I saw on web, many of blogs/websites have contents of hacking/cracking, which is called Prohibited content but still those resources running ads banners on their sites, the reason is Traffic/Popularity.

Once your site goes popular, you didn’t need to read Google policies and requirements. This is not written on any official Adsnese document that the traffic is required for the approval. It is a experience of old bloggers from web.

Make use of YouTube

A new way or a trick to approve your Adsense application without any blog or website is just use of a YouTube channel. I’m really impressed with this way and i think you are going to  suggest this trick to others also. As you know YouTube is a property of Google inc. and Google give ability to Adwords users to share your ad on YouTube, and this is a good chance to approve your application through YouTube. Once your application goes approved, you receive a welcome E-mail, and your Hosted Adsense account is ready.

Now to run ads on your websites and blogs and start earning, you need to input your website URL in your account and wait for a week. For better understand follow all below instructions.

Simply follow the steps >>

  • Make at least your own 2-3 original videos, make sure videos should be copied from YouTube (Tip – Use screen recorder or video editing software or cameras to make videos)
  • Upload those videos to YouTube visit: YouTube Upload
  • Increase some popularity of those videos (Tip – Read Free YouTube Promotion)
  • Fill your channel about page, Upload profile picture & cover photo


  • Visit account monetization section
  • Select Enable my account from account status
  • Accept the agreement >


  • Now select How can i get paid option below
  • Apply for Adsense according to screen instruction
  • Now your Adsense enabled
  • Wait for a Email comes from support team (Information – It maximum takes 1 -2 weeks)
  • When you got the approval email, simply go to (http://www.google.com/adsense/)
  • Sign in to your account
  • Add your site to account: Dashboard > Settings > Site management > Input url > Add site
  • Copy your ads code from My ads and paste on your site/blog and start earnings.

Give some time for new content

Time period is the most important thing in the Adsense approval process. Google thinks that old folks are better than new folks, that’s why you found on some places Google respect to old sites For ex. When your site is new in web Google not rank your site in search, because you’re new, and after 6 months when Google feels like you’re are little older now then he start giving traffic according to your content quality. As it is Google use time period  for approving Adsense account.

We didn’t telling that you should apply for Ads exactly after six months but  at least If you gain some more visitors from the advertisement or social media then you should apply for Adsense because here traffic will helps you for the approval.

Note- I highly recommend you to not to re-apply again and again for the Adsense application after disapproval. First, read the mail why Google disapprove your application > fix the problem and apply again after 1-2 weeks otherwise Google will banned you.