A new job and a new team are always stressful. If you are a new employee in the team, you will have to spend a certain amount of time and effort on adaptation. how to behave correctly so that adaptation goes quickly, painlessly and productively?

To begin with, let’s establish that being an open and kind person is natural and good in itself. Often such people get burned out and become withdrawn. Does this mean that you have to get ahead of your detractors and be the aggressor yourself, weave intrigues? No, it doesn’t have to.

Kindness and openness are qualities of character that do not depend on conditions or personal relationships. Naivety and inexperience are a temporary state of delusion and lack of information.

In general, not only for productive working relationships but also for life, it’s helpful to discern these concepts in yourself and others.

How to Behave in a New Team

A team can be professional, creative, or academic. We have collected universal recommendations that work for all types of teams.

Take into account that people are not equal and not the same. Each person is a separate exotic world, and you have to take the time to learn it.

Remember that you, too, are being studied. Before you join a new team, determine for yourself what kind of impression you want to make.

Consider your positioning. Choosing the right behavioral strategy will lead you to success, colleagues and management will respect and appreciate you.

Find an Approach to Everyone

The new team is a group of people united by common goals, but perceiving the team as one unit is wrong. People are not just different, they have different life experiences, views on life, needs.

What is important and valuable to you may be of no value to another. When making contact, you need to keep this in mind before counting on understanding and support.

It would be naive to assume that the other person thinks the same way you do, feels the same way about things, reacts to stress and makes decisions.

A good way to get to know a person is to observe them, to listen to what they say about their colleagues, acquaintances, and friends. And even if your colleague is talking about something you don’t enjoy, like gambling at https://nationalcasino.com/hi/live-casino or listening to unusual music, you shouldn’t interrupt him. If it’s negative information and gossip, you can draw your own conclusions.

Integrate Into a New Team

You Are Also Being Investigated

It may seem to you that you are a pleasant person and the soul of the company, and you just came here to work, but to be a pleasant person by the reviews of friends or the mere intention to do the job isn’t enough.

Man is a social creature, and to achieve goals, you have to communicate with other people, and in order for this communication to be effective, it’s important to position yourself correctly.

We cannot count on unconditional love, friendship, acceptance, and support if there is no respect. The right way to fit into a new team is to make sure you are respected.

People come up with labels and nicknames for others, so they are more comfortable to communicate, to be friends against someone. A new employee in the team should think about their positioning beforehand.

How do you position yourself to gain respect, to make your opinion count, and to be heard and listened to? Let’s go backwards and list the things you definitely shouldn’t do.

New Team

Adapting to a New Team: 5 Main Mistakes

  • Being obtrusive, talkative, constantly looking for ears for idle chatter, “load” their problems. Such behavior doesn’t respect you, in the best case you will be ignored.
  • Be fixated on yourself and think that you are roundly evaluated. Relax, people are busy with their own business and problems, and your fixation on yourself makes the behavior stilted and unnatural.
  • Being unconcerned. It doesn’t add to your popularity to wear rose-colored glasses, as if you don’t notice who and what is saying to you, avoid contacts and open communication, as if you live in another world.
  • Not having an opinion or, on the contrary, aggressively demonstrating it: agreeing with everything, openly hypocritical or constantly arguing.
  • Not being helpful. Recall that 100% of people have problems and needs. If you help a colleague solve his problem in time or share valuable information, you can count on loyalty.

It’s especially difficult to join a new team for an introvert, he needs more time and moral strength. The good news for introverts is that they can spend more time observing and make fewer mistakes than extroverts.


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