The Microsoft AZ-304 Exam

The way to become a qualified solutions architect isn’t a mean task. This is because it needs you to possess relevant skills around what is constantly evolving in the world of IT. This also includes studying and preparing for evaluations that will get you to that level of professionalism. That’s why this article aims to help you deal with the Microsoft AZ-304 exam by enabling you to comprehend more about it .

Evaluation Preparation
Evaluation Preparation

More about Exam AZ-304

The AZ-304 exam also appears in another name as Microsoft Azure Architect Design. Along with the AZ-303 exam it helps you earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. The subject matter of the exam is focused on the creation and execution of solutions scheduled to operate within the Azure system. As well, it captures areas such as network, storage, compute, and security. Moreover, comprehending processes like Azure development in addition to DevOps are also covered in exam AZ-304.

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Anyway, when you intend to take this official evaluation, it implies that you’re seeking to become an Azure solution architect, where your responsibilities will be comprising offering advice to stakeholders and interpreting business requirements to come up with cloud solutions that consider security, scalability, and reliability. You’ll be working with professionals that include cloud DBAs and cloud administrators, as well as clients in ensuring the full execution of the said solutions.

What This Microsoft Exam Includes

In general, the Microsoft AZ-304 exam encompasses topics about design. Thus, it touches on how to monitor design, identity as well as security, business continuity, infrastructure, and data storage processes. Your efforts directed to these knowledge areas are going to decide how you perform in an evaluation that encompasses 40-60 questions. Where it concerns these tasks, you’ll have to deal with MCQ, build list, case studies, short answer, best answer, and other formats. The timing stretches up to 100 minutes. At the same time, keep in mind that for registration, there is $165 to pay. And regarding passing grades, attaining 700 points and more is essential.
So how do you achieve these results, especially if you have limited time of about 100 or 130 minutes? Let’s cover it briefly next.

How Dumps Aid in AZ-304 Evaluation Preparation

You may have already heard about exam dumps and some of you even have tried them out. Still, if you are a newbie in this topic, dumps encompass questions and answers captured from the past tests. Through them, one gets helpful insights on exam structure, possible topics to be evaluated in, and possible scores that one might attain in the real evaluations. Moreover, it is a great tool to develop time management skills.
So, if you’re getting ready for the Microsoft AZ-304 exam, then dumps can assist in dealing with the process reliably and faster. At the same time, you should never neglect to work with other preparation approaches like study guides, webinars, and training courses.


It’s no need to worry before the Microsoft AZ-304 exam. However, once you comprehend its details and use prep aids like dumps to get into the topics, you’re good to undergo the testing process. Thus, wishing you great success as you prepare to pass it!

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