11 Modern Responsive WordPress Themes Absolutely Free

Ankit Singh (Dev)
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
11 Modern Responsive WordPress Themes Absolutely Free

Now in modern web design WordPress mostly used by every designer/developer because it saves your time and with responsive you can also save more time by ignoring your website customization according to the devices and using a responsive theme in your WP site that automate scales your site template in any screen size or device. Mostly in web you see responsive themes available in premium, but don’t worry, I search for those templates which totally a premium package and free of cost. If you aren’t feeling perfect with below themes customization/design I suggest you to don’t ignore those, simply customize the theme through editing source codes and make them according to your style.

Will you know what are responsive themes ? If no, then read complete about Responsive web Design from Wikipedia. Actually, these are rich work themes built with top programming languages, HTML, CSS & Javascript. I always use these templates for any WordPress blog or suggest others also because the responsive boost your site quality and a visitor goes compelled to become your website fan. As i say in the title, this is really a modern style to make a rich quality site and attract your visitors to again access your site and suggest others. According to me, there are so many factors for making a successful site/blog on web in today’s internet revolution and one of them is your site experience and quality which mostly comes from below themes



Its a tumblelog theme built with HTML5 & CSS3. As you see in category the theme was for photo blogging, but it’s not important if you see the demo the theme looks good for blogging also and introduction purpose also so you may also use this SuevaFree for any purpose but it’s a little better for photo blogging. It is very light and according to author Sueva runs perfectly in any web browser and also in earlier IE 8,9 & 10.

Download SuevaFree | Demo SuevaFree | Category : Photo Blogging | #11



Ravel is a portfolio theme, but you may use as professionally  also because the design looks perfect for both categories. It also contain Schema.org micro format which tell search engines about your content and optimize your content also. The background & header looks very rich quality, so don’t ignore ravel for your test. It’s also a very light weighted which for your WordPress hosting server.

Download Ravel | Demo Ravel | Category : Professional | #10



Minimaze is for multipurpose but its looks like perfect for business so download this if you are searching for a business template. As you see in the demo there was a slider and just below in the grid are features area and after next you see the post list, which looks like its good for blogging also that’s why I categorize this in multipurpose.

Download Minamaze | Demo Minimaze | Category : Multipurpose | #9



Drop is perfect blogging theme built with html5 & CSS3. Its looks BOLD which feels like the site works perfectly in any browser. Before download please take a demo and re-size your browser window, you see the responsive menu panel coming from left to right, which is my favorite feature ever so don’t miss Drop if you are search for blogging purpose themes. Actually 2 column templates not so popular then 3 columns, but it’s your choice.

Download Drop | Demo Drop | Category : Blogging | #8



Here is a another business theme to make full and clean, responsive site in some minutes. Any business not complete if they don’t have a slider on the home page and if you take demo you realize that it looks like modern business sites across web so make use of Vantage for your business. In footer, author add your latest posts to list so in that place you can add your site news, which is mostly found in many popular company websites.

Download Vantage | Demo Vantage | Category : Business | #7



I know Quadra is very simple but colorful. Blogging themes should be lit & contain more texts then media contents that’s why i pick up this for blogging. It’s only had one column, so widgets are in the head, which unveil when you click the Setting gear icon. The navigation menu also comes out as you click. The unique features is the only navigation menu which not change in screen size, Its works same as in desktop or mobile.

Download Quadra | Demo Quadra | Category : Blogging | #6

Arcade Basic


The arcade is a fully responsive and HTML5 Powered theme. You can use this theme for business purpose and for the organization also because a large image gives so much inspiration in a site. It’s totally perfect to make unique design of your business site and attract customers. The only think i like in Arcade Basic is very light and optimized which you can easily customize through source code also and more functionality.

Download Arcade Basic | Demo Arcade Basic | Category : Business | #5



Its a another HTML5 & CSS3 coded responsive WP template absolutely made for business. There are all features in Alexandria which popular online companies use to attract customers. The footer is mind blowing and color decision is perfect feels like very high & rich quality site. You can also add more image gallery with WordPress Gallery Plugins.

Download Alexandria | Demo Alexandria | Category : Business | #4



Garfunkel is customized in pinterest style which is good for photo blogging & blogging both. The background is the main part of this template so don’t add a white background if you’re going to download this. Preview of posts and pages is really good, that’s why I put this in blogging category. There are not so much functionality in Garfunkel that’s it’s a good chance to make this according to your style.

Download Garfunkel | Demo Garfunkel | Category : Blogging | #3



First, take a demo then tell what you think about this? Its really outstanding theme for business, but I categorize sensitive in multipurpose because the look is for many purposes like Photo blogging, Introduction & More. Actually the header & coloring customization is very rich that’s why i put Sensitive in #2. Overall Sensitive is very light that optimize wordpress speed.

Download Flounder | Demo Flounder | Category : Multipurpose| #2



Now it’s time for flounder the #1 Responsive blogging theme made in thinking about modern CSS coding and have brilliant coloring effects. First, I clap for site view in small devices that’s a better responsive design and ultimate perfection what modern users wants. Take a demo and see how the template looking very rich and optimize the site quality without using any visual/Media elements.

Download Flounder | Demo Flounder | Category : Blogging | #1