8 steps for the unbelievable WordPress Optimization

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - May 1, 2016
8 steps for the unbelievable WordPress Optimization

A newly built site with WordPress is already being optimized until a flood of traffic tends to the site/blog. Not just WordPress users, everyone one wants to make our website speed always up even the traffic grows or not. It depends to the developer’s ways/techniques to optimize the site, but here you didn’t need the help of developer for WordPress site optimization, it’s easy and quick, done with plugins and some tricks. When a user create a blog with WordPress, their web hosting provider always suggest him to install a caching plugin which generates static HTML files and this way the load over server will unbelievably reduce. Similar to this, there are some other ways that help your WordPress to run faster than ever.

1. Activate a Caching Plugin

The most efficient and all in one way to optimize WordPress is making use of a caching plugin. Some popular and best caching plugins are like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache  are my recommendations, else you can make selection between many choices from https://wordpress.org/plugins/. Caching plugins generate static HTML files instead of executing server side languages PHP and more. After activating the plugin, make sure your configuration are recommends check, because caching has many types.

You can generate static pages separately for mobile and PC users, so your mobile platform site also being optimized and it is a part of google ranking factors. Caching plugins are also a part of best WordPress plugins.

2. Optimize Media Files


Media files are like Images, Videos that’s hosted on your server. Because many bloggers host heavy media files on external storage, so it’s important to understand why you should or why you should not host media files externally.

First, when you upload any image to your blog, make it well compressed using tools like an online image compressor or related. Secondly, host videos on external resource like YouTube, Vimeo etc. and then embed videos in your post, so they stream better and your bandwidth will also be saved.You can also use image compressor plugin to automatically compress all images upload to your blog/site.

3. WordPress Theme Optimization

From the official theme directory: wordpress.org/themes/, the list of the most popular themes like Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Twelve are all well optimized and that’s why users always install these themes, but if you download/buy themes from external sites then it may be heavy in size because I found external sites sell all in one functionality themes. My suggestion is to use themes from official directories during startup, after when you upgrade your server and budget, then switch to external themes.

Secondly, if you didn’t want to switch themes, then try these tips to optimize your theme yourself:

  • Edit your template files, try to replace some PHP codes with HTML(be safe here)
  • Execute JavaScript to the footer
  • Compress logo and image files> Reupload> Link again

4. Minification: JS and CSS files

JavaScript and CSS (stylesheet) are two main files execute to the front-end. Here, we’re compressing everything, so why not programming files. When writing code, Spaces and Unnecessary characters are the two main causes of size. But, don’t worry, you can remove all those and compress codes in just some seconds. Also, inline codes of CSS and JS can speed down page performance.

→ Use JS Compressor and CSS Compressor>Upload and compress all of your JS and CSS files>Save output file>Upload to your theme directory>link files in your template.

5. Web Hosting/Server Up

Today, web hosting companies serve a hosting package separately for WordPress known as managed WordPress hosting, it was totally configured according to the WordPress CMS. But, not all folks buy that managed package. First, if you’re on a shared server, please upgrade to VPS or Dedicated, because shared hosting is totally worst, some good traffic can slow down your share server’s site and there is no way to optimize. Here’s the official words for WordPress Optimization#Hosting.

6. CDN

If your visitor location if very far to your server location, then the visitor absolutely face lazy response and the solution is content delivery network (CDN). It will cost you similar to the hosting rent, but the performance/speed between visitor and WordPress site goes unbelievable. Not just speed, there are so many benefits you will get with a CDN Provider package. Many CDN companies also provide their WordPress plugin, so you can configure easily. In plugin W3 Total Cache, you can enable CDN function to cache and deliver data faster than ever.

7. Leverage Browser Caching


This is one of the technique to store website file locally to the visitor’s browser and again when the visitor open your site, stored filed didn’t load again. This is really recommended by Google Developers. In your .htaccess file, you can add a rule by file types, so those file types stored in the visitor’s browser like JPEG, JS, CSS and more. You can add code of leverage browsing caching yourself or make use of a plugin. Above, the screenshot is a full snippet, type in your .htaccess file, no paste because sometime code typing is good.

8. Optimize WordPress Database

WordPress uses the MySQL database system and every time a new query in your blog stored in the database. Every time you activate a plugin, a new table creates on your database and after deleting plugin, the plugin data will not remove from database. As it is, there are so many tables already in your database that unusable, and it may drop WordPress performance. Caching plugin is very essential to save database load and WP Optimize clean up your database, use both plugins.

9. Measure Your Performance

You can use any web tool from below to measure performance. Submit the URL of your content (post, pages) not of index page.


Are that unusable plugins in my blog causes low WordPress speed?

Yes, unusable plugins eat some resource from your server and it will be the cause of low performance, please do remove now.