11 Best WordPress Backup Plugins that will change the way you Backup

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
11 Best WordPress Backup Plugins that will change the way you Backup

The task of creating a complete backup of a WP blog/site is easily done through WordPress hosting control panel, but there are some more good plugins available which you can use to backup your WordPress site directly from dashboard in a different way. These plugins are very helpful than c-panel backup tools because it backup your complete site, including database and also send the backup directly to your Google drive or other external storage services, which help your workflow and give your files more security even your web hosting company cheat you. Many people first backup WP sites and then download the backup and then upload it to other external storage, that is a long process, take a shortcut by using below listed backup plugins.

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration


Updraftplus is a popular & ease-to-use WP backup and restoration plugin to backup your WordPress blog/site to major, external online storage’s found on the web. Some of the major online storage’s you can use to backup your complete blog to there are: Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google drive, Rackspace and more. You can also schedule backup of database or files separately and restore the data again to any WP blog with just a single click.

  • Support up to 10+ online storage’s
  • Single click restores both database and files
  • Schedule the backup
  • Failed uploads can auto resume
  • Large backup auto split into multiple backups

BackWPup Free


There are 2 versions available of this plugin one is free and second is a PRO, according to your needs you may see is PRO features are really needed for you or not otherwise the free version will backup your complete WP installation on external storage services including Google drive, Dropbpx, Amazon S3, FTP and more. You can also send the backup file to an email.

  • 7+ Backup external save options
  • Compress backup within 5 different formats
  • Can backup database
  • Support Multi-site installation
  • Check and repair database



This is most popular & simple usage plugin that simply automates backup of your WP blog/site in just minutes. Shared hosting users can use this plugin because it is very light and ease-to-use. You can also schedule multiple backup’s and manage from dashboard easily. After activating this plugin, the options are shown to you in the Tools section. You can also exclude files & folders which you didn’t need to backup.

  • Easy to use
  • Works lightly
  • Best for shared server
  • Manage multiple schedules
  • Mail backup file



Duplicator is a another popular & most recommended plugin that Duplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire site from one place to another place. The purpose of this plugin is to make a clone of your WP site and save it to another location which is called backup to another location.

  • Migrate, copy a WP site with a database
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Show file/folder size before backup
  • Restore the backup in just 3 steps

WP Backup


Schedule backup your WordPress powered site with Dropbox integration and restore whenever you want. This is a another low memory server suitable plugin that you can use on shared servers. This is an alternative of BackUpWordPress.

  • Schedule backup’s
  • Dropbox integration
  • Single click restore
  • Best for shared server
  • Works lightly

WP Backitup


WP backupit is a another best alternative of the plugins listed on this page, but it only saves a backup of your site in to your server storage not externally. List of all the backups are shown in the WP backup its section on the dashboard and you can easily downloads those using a click.

  • One click backup, one click restore
  • No advance knowledge required
  • Schedule, whenever you want
  • Email notification
  • Best for shared server environment

DB Backup


DB backup is specially made for backup WordPress database core tables not any advanced features are found in this plugin like sending back up to google drive, external storage’s and more. You’re not able to save files/folders with backup archive because it only made for database backup.

  • Schedule backup
  • Backup only database core tables
  • Email archive or save into your hosting server

WP Database Backup


Now this plugin is a little change from above DB backup plugin. This plugin not just create a DB backup also give you ability to restore the database with just a single click. You can also send the DB backup to external services. You can also repeat schedule of backup’s which automate run at the time.

  • One click DB backup, one click restore
  • Save to external storage’s
  • Auto schedule



Create a manual, customized backups of your WP site and whenever restore with just a single click. Mostly all features available for this plugin which you needed during the backup process including notification, send to external storage, and more. This plugin is working like a charm even your no. Of database/files are larger or smaller.

  • Background process
  • Manual backup’s
  • Save files to Dropbox, FTP and more.
  • Customize backup option

XCloner – Backup and Restore


This plugin is made for WordPress and Joomla to backup files and database. A new restore script will auto generate during backup process which you can use to restore your site. Xcloner give you a highly customize interface which have mostly all features you need here.

  • Generate full backup
  • Get restore script
  • Create custom backup’s
  • Share the backup’s with your client

WordPress Backup to Dropbox


This plugin is specially made for the WordPress backup to Dropbox by linking a Dropbox account from your dashboard, This plugin uses OAuth for security that your account details not stored in plugin files. You can use this plugin if you only want to store your backup to Dropbox

  • Link Dropbox account securely
  • Schedule backup
  • Exclude files/folders before the start