Walli smart wallet will prevent you from forgetting her behind

Ankit Singh (Dev)
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Walli smart wallet will prevent you from forgetting her behind

Everything I carry with me is all about technology like smartphones, devices, wearable etc. But in my jeans pockets there is not such tech excluding smartphone. In my back pocket, my wallet is resting securely, but what if I lost the wallet due to my own mistake like forgetting at a shop, forget at home, forget at my friend’s home and more places.

The smart wallet Walli is here that sends you a notification to your smartphone whenever you forget her behind anywhere. It has a inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity that helps connect your smartphone. As your wallet goes out of phone’s Bluetooth range, the Walli app alerts you every time with a reminder.

The design of walli is totally handcrafted and it looks very similar to your regular wallet. It has multiple slots of credit cards, business cards, cash pocket and more and it was enough according to me.

The company announced Walli on November 18th, 2015 with two colors Blue & Teal, Black & Blue and more to come.

The features of Walli

  1. Send wallet forgets notification.
  2. Notify when you forget wallet contents like Passport, boarding pass and more.
  3. Ring your phone by double tapping on your wallet.
  4. 3 Credit Card Slots
  5. 3 Business Card Slots
  6. 1 Passport Slot
  7. 1 Cash Pocket
  8. 1 Boarding Pass Pocket

Featured Image – mywalli