An apple adapter that helps connect USBs to the USB Type-C port

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
An apple adapter that helps connect USBs to the USB Type-C port

USB-C is the faster solution for the modern technology devices, but the problem is some manufacturer like Apple giving only a single USB-C port on MacBook to charge, data transfer and more. People are already purchased many standard USBs products at our home so what doing that connect standard USB-A devices to the C port.

USB type-C is expanding everywhere and manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sony, Google will soon introduce newer devices with USB-C port. There are more solutions available for C port that you can search on the internet, not on the apple’s website.

Apple USB-C to USB adapter

USB-C to USB Adapter

$19.00 USB-C to USB adapter is the best solution to connect standard USB -A devices and hub to the MacBook. For example, the devices like flash drives, hard drives, cameras and more with USB-A can’t connect directly to the C port and by using the adapter you can connect those devices and transfer data faster.

USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

Next, $79, USB-C digital AV multiport adapter gives you similar solution like above one, but here you got some more solutions like connecting the MacBook display to the HDMI-enabled TVs and more.

If you want to go cheaper instead of buying the adapter of apple, then other accessories companies is waiting for you on Amazon, eBay and Best Buy.