AIO URL Shortener

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Select a URL Shortening Service

AIO URL Shortener is an All-in-one web application to shorten long links/URLs using different URL Shortening Services in one place. No need to visit or in new tabs. Just select a service, enter or paste the long URL on the input field and get your shorten link. If you want to copy that generated link, simply right-click over the shorten link and select ‘Copy link address’.

Currently the tool support only a few URL shorteners, and all are as follows: Google URL Shortener, Bitly, and These are the best and highly popular URL shorteners on the web. If you want more options, please comment down below.

How it works?

This tool uses API access of the services, and only show a shorten link in the web browser. If you want analytics, or any other information about the shorten link, please visit the official website of the URL Shortening Service.

‘Please Enter a valid URL’, causes:

  • Make sure your link didn’t contain spaces.
  • Make sure your link contains ‘http://’ or ‘https://’.
  • Make sure your input value should not be more than 300 characters.

For any other help, please Report a Problem here.