How To Stream The Pirate Bay’s Torrents Directly in a Browser

Ankit Singh (Dev)
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
How To Stream The Pirate Bay’s Torrents Directly in a Browser
The Pirate Bay

To download torrent files from The Pirate Bay, you’ll be always using µTorrent client or online torrent client. But, streaming pirated contents will make other genuine services like Netflix, YouTube etc. Turns Down. More than 70-80 percent internet users choose free contents when it comes to choosing between paid and free. Thanks to the new plugin called “Torrents Time” that lets you stream movies, videos and more from The Pirate Bay, directly in a web browser.

The plugin is not specifically for browsers like in Chrome store or Firefox store. It’s a client setup that needs installation in computer and automatically works on all of your installed web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and more.


If you’ve not yet seen the new link “STREAM IT” appearing on The Pirate Bay’s pages, then make a test now. The feature is currently marked beta, but the streaming is currently working fine.

Install Torrents Time client


You can download and install Torrents Time on your computer and there are no such settings needed to configure. As the installation completes, the plugin automatically configures all your web browsers to stream torrent files on the go.

Start Streaming

Open any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and visit The Pirate Bay. Select or search the torrent you want to stream, and click the “STREAM IT!” link. A new tab or window automatically opens where torrent time player starts downloading and stream your selected torrent.


If you’re trying to stream a full length HD movie, make sure your internet connectivity is faster else the loading circle goes stuck on screen.

Don’t remove µTorrent

Torrent Time is good, but streaming full length HD movies in a browser is not a good idea. The client µTorrent is always best when it downloads multiple torrents. Once you’re fully satisfied with the Torrent Time Client, then do remove µTorrent client. Streaming feature is very new and maybe it will be deprecated from The Pirate Bay cause of illegal reasons.