11 Tips and Tricks You can Easily Speed Up Lazy Internet Connection

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - May 1, 2016
11 Tips and Tricks You can Easily Speed Up Lazy Internet Connection

We need Internet connectivity every time or at every place, including indoor, outdoor, driving, walking, eating etc. Nobody wants lazy internet connectivity, but many of you still confused after trying different ISP’s connections on your device. Actually, some time your device causes for your internet speed barriers, but don’t worry about, you will be solved these internet speed problems in some minutes. If you use only limited websites in your internet browser, then the browser will cache website data locally on your computer, and again you will access the same website very fast and this a small process automate make your internet browsing speed maintain.

1) Analyze your Internet Speed

Starting for the internet connection optimization, first you have to analyze, what was the current speed of your connectivity by using a web tool. Internet providers give same speed, for which you do pay, but according to the connectivity, your connection may temporarily down, which causes low internet speed at a time. When your start the speed test, make sure to watch how fast your internet response, see the Ping value.



To check internet speed, try any one tool listed below and begin testing by following rules of the tool:

2) Browser Optimization

The web browser you’re using for your device, is also matters for the low speed of internet surfing or downloading both. If we talk about low speed during downloading, then you can also use downloaders like: Internet Download Manager (IDM). According to me, you have to use browser which is popular and most used and that is: Google Chrome. Other popular web browsers like: Firefox, IE, Safari are also a good choice, but the simplicity of chrome makes your surfing faster as possible.

Web browsers also have functionality to cache website files and again when you access the same website, it will open like a local directory. Some time more caching data may also prevent your browser’s performance, and that is a reason why your web page loads after some seconds as you click.

Browser extensions, the most known thing causes your internet connectivity to run slow because extensions like: Toolbar and more, also need connectivity separately. This is the most popular cause, people easily solved by removing unwanted extensions from our browsers, and make our internet speed faster. To remove unwanted extensions simply visit:

3) Unwanted Programs Eating Internet

Right on your computer, some of background running programs continuously want internet, because of some reasons like: Auto update, Notifications, Schedule Tasks and more. But, today web can harm your computer with viruses and unwanted programs, which auto installs in your computer, and continuously run in the background without your permission. To monitor background network usage activity, simply open Resource Monitor from Start> Search: Resource Monitor, and select the network tab.


Antivirus programs are very useful or required, but make sure how your antivirus update because it is the second thing cause of internet speed is an Antivirus continuously update and also install and use those services which you don’t know. Cheap internet connection users may focus this paragraph and set your Antivirus update manual and also see your Auto Windows Update.

4) Restart your Modem

Does your modem is continuously running for a long time? And you didn’t turn OFF or reboot for once, so please do it turn OFF for some minutes so that next time your internet connection will start from a fresh speed. Many users found this trick useful, because it works for all.

5) WiFi Router Optimization

Some of the Tweaks you can do with your WiFi Router and make your wireless connectivity fast within some minutes:

Schedule WiFi Router Auto Reboot – Do you have admin access to the router you use? If Yes!, then please login to your router dashboard and schedule auto reboot and set time like 8-12 hours. If you didn’t find this option available you can download smartphone app or do it manually after a time.

Upgrade Your Router – If you still have an older wireless standard of your router, then you should now switch to a new standard like 802.11 ac, for more details read IEEE 802.11 protocol.

6) Don’t Surf with Download

Many times, I found myself, I surf the web by downloading multiple files in my downloader, and found I facing a down time in my internet speed. If you want to download then only download, if you want to surf then only surf, doing both at once will drop your internet speed of surfing and downloading both.

By testing a task: I want to download a file of 100Mb and i want to pay a bill, If i do both work at once in my device, it takes about 20-25 minutes, but after when i do the same work separately one by one, and i do this in 10-14 minutes.

7) Update your Network/Wireless Drivers

Driver updates may improve performance of any hardware, and for your network drivers it also works. In windows, you can update your network drivers from device manager(open run> type: devmgmt.msc) and find network adapters> expand> right click on network hardware> Update driver software.

For the manual update you can also use some software:

8) Contact your Provider, Upgrade Plan

Not everytime web will help you 100% for your help like bad internet speed, because nobody know what kind of internet connection you’re using or from which ISP you take the connection. This time you have to contact with your provider and ask them why the connection is giving slow speed. Nobody can tell the best answer than your provider’s customer care. Some of the provider didn’t give unlimited usage at the same speed, your provider can also drop your speed after a limit usage and by upgrading/changing your plan your speed will again get back.

9) Find the Best Provider in your City

Popular and best providers can give you so much benefit not just a internet speed. If you take internet connection from s popular provider, it will sure your plan has the best value that no other provider in your city give you at the price.

If you want to find the best provider, then simply Google it, and make sure your location is enabled, so that Google will give you the top results on the first page from local. Here its not end, you can also research for the best provider by visiting local business which works on internet like: Internet Cafe, Internet Companies Working Area and more.

10) Optimize your System Performance

Your system may also persist problems when you use the Internet. After testing everything, many folks still confuse what’s going on with my connection?. To boost your system performance you should use some software, or do it manually by doing following things:

  • Clean up some more space from the Windows Drive
  • Uninstall unwanted programs
  • Disable startup programs
  • Do multitasking by keeping in mind your RAM size

11) Avoid Lengthy LAN Cables


You know what, much longer LAN cable may also slow down the internet. Actually, it depends on the cable you use. Not for everyone, but for me it slows down my internet speed. For the test: I use a LAN cable of about 20 meters, and at the end I connected my WiFi router, now the test goes start, and the results tell that my speed is dropping more than 8-10%, which I didn’t want or nobody wants.