SEO best practices for ‘Title Tag’ with examples

Ankit Singh (Dev)
1 year ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
SEO best practices for ‘Title Tag’ with examples
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On a web page, there are so many tags to focus for SEO, but the title is the most important tag you always should learn about and get practicing to write a search engine friendly title tag. If you keep On-page optimization in mind while writing a web page, so the game will be started with title tag and keywords.

Search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo only display the first 50-60 characters from the title tag. Length also matters on SEO, and even long tail keywords in the title will make your page’s title less common in the crowd of billions of results.

Generating Titles using a tool or software is not a good idea, even it will make your SEO strategy weak. Once you rank a web page only by giving weight over the title tag, from that day you’ll master how to write a search engine friendly title tag.

Best practices

Write a meaningful title

Before writing title make sure you have complete information of the topic, or content of the web page. For example – I’m writing a topic to teach What is SEO?, and my meaningful title will looks like: <title>The Beginner’s guide to SEO</title> or <title>What is SEO and why should I care?</title>.

Your title should be understandable at once read, if a user is keenly tuned on your title, it means you tag is not user friendly. Once you create a user friendly title, it will automatically become search engine friendly.

Unique title


“Unique” is the word that you heard many times in the search engine optimization study. Google first page ranking depends on unique contents, and title is the important content that you should always make it unique than others. As an example, let’s take a topic “Fruits killed by Vegetables”. Now, two sites publish pages with the same title:

Title by site 1 – Fruits killed by Vegetables

Title by site 2 – Fruits killed by Vegetables

Now, Google will disappear one page of the SERP that comes after, because Google can’t display same titles around each other in SERP.

Practice 1 – Think you can write title unique than other million pages.

Practice 2 – Make a title with number mix. For example – 10 best SEO tools you should try.

Practice 3 – Current date, month or year in title. For example – The best SEO tools of 2016.

Practice 4 – Know your competitors, be unique than all competitors in the world.

Keywords position

Keyword position also matters in the SERP. If you drop keywords after 50-60 characters in the title, your keywords will be hide from the SERP and that’s resulted mistake. Because your title is short in length, you can drop keywords at the back, but long titles should avoid putting keywords in the back.

Punctuation Marks

Marks like Hyphen (-), Colon (:), vertical bar (|), etc. Are widely used in the title tag. Even many companies use Hyphen (-) or Vertical bar (|) on their all website pages to display their company name in SERP. For example - Buy Fruits Online – Company Name.

If you’re writing an article or web page, you can use any punctuation mark in your title. Quotation example - SEO best practices for “Title Tag”.


As i said above Google only display first 50-60 characters of title in SERP and length also matters for SEO. If we talk about long tail keywords, then the case goes more lengthy. Let’s define this heading faster with Q&A:

Q. What is the perfect title length for SEO?

A. If you write a title less than 50-60 characters, it will complete display in SERP. But creating longer title by adding keywords to the front will also give you ranking boost.

Q. Why should I care long tail keywords?

A. Long tail keywords are less common and more specific. Adding long tail keywords in the title tag will make you more unique and it’ll cover more search queries in SERP.


Here we started with specific examples for the specific content type.

Example 1: Long tail keywords

<title>Fruits – Buy Apple, Banana, Orange, Kiwi, Grapes online – Company name</title>

Example 2: Number mix

<title>The 10 best Hollywood movies of all time</title>

Example 3: Date

<title>Shopping coupon codes | April 2016</title>

Example 4: Short title

<title>SEO Tutorial – Company name</title>

Example 5: Simple unique

<title>How to make a chicken pizza in 20 minutes or less | Company name</title>


  • Number mix title is best for SEO.
  • Try to make a title unique than all competitors in the world.
  • Write title with commas.
  • Place keywords at the front.
  • Try writing title less than 60 characters.