SEO – Best Practices, Types, Markup and More

Ankit Singh (Dev)
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016 SEO – Best Practices, Types, Markup and More

I always recommend everyone that search optimization is very compulsory in modern time and don’t do those things which search engine not understand. Now in today’s time social content marketing takes over search engine optimization and its proved organic visitors are less than social referring site visitors. Actually, when your site successful rank on Google’s first page the traffic flood is continuously growing but the problem is not all of your product pages rank on the first page, that’s why with the help of some SEO techniques you can rank any of your page in first and one of them technique is First, you have to understand what is and how it works in search results?. When you put markup in your web pages, Some of Popular Search engines like Google, Bing can easily understand your contents and serve a better result to users.

You can also use webmaster tools to inform google about your content by using mouse and avoid markup, but markup code is easy to use and save time if your site have more pages like in a blog or in a news site. Don’t use all type’s markup maximum as possible only those which really helps in ranking, i also below defined only those schema’s which matters in ranking.

What is Schema.Org & How it helps my SEO?

Through markup Major search engine’s like Google, Bing & Yahoo create a structure data of a link/web page/site and provide a better search results to users. It is a good way to tell search engines about your content so the search engine will better understand about your page. Mostly e-commerce companies use on our product pages to show Reviews, Ratings, Price directly in search results. It saves visitors time and improve the experience.

Answered by Matt Cutts over “Does the use of markup create a ranking benefit?” is proved  that schema’s is not a time waste, it really gives you ranking benefits. You listen what he says in the video,  ‘It doesn’t give you a ranking boost, but it’s a good Idea’ So from me, Yes ! It helps you with SEO and the hints by any google’s employee are the only way to know some secrets of Google. You can also include with whitehat SEO chapter because this is the best golden rule of google & other search providers you should always follow.

Some major Schema’s Types

There are multiple types of schema’s found you may see full Hierarchy schema in a single page. But according to me not every type of schema helps in ranking that’s why i defined only some general markups that helps you in improving SEO. Choose your web page content type and copy markup code :

How to Markup with Examples ?

Product Markup ⇒ Using Product you can tell search engines about your product/services and after add markup of and along with Product markup will increase SEO maximum as possible. Know more about Rich snippets – Products from Google Support. Here is a Product Markup code with Aggregate Rating & Offer :

The markup code below contains example values, Don’t forget to change values colored with #Red and #Green.

<div itemscope itemtype="">
  <span itemprop="brand">BRAND NAME</span> <span itemprop="name">PRODUCT NAME</span>
  <img itemprop="image" src="example.jpg" />
  <span itemprop="description">Here is a description of your product or service and you can change this when you add whole product code in your web page.
  Category: <span itemprop="category" content="CATEGORY NAME">CATEGORY NAME</span>
  Product #: <span itemprop="identifier" content="mpn:925872">
  <span itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="">
    <span itemprop="rating">4.4</span> stars, based on <span itemprop="count">89
      </span> reviews
  <span itemprop="offerDetails" itemscope itemtype="">
    Regular price: $179.99
    <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="USD" />
    $<span itemprop="price">119.99</span>
    (Sale ends <time itemprop="priceValidUntil" datetime="2020-11-05">
      5 November!</time>)
    Available from: <span itemprop="seller">Executive Objects</span>
    Condition: <span itemprop="condition" content="used">Previously owned, 
      in excellent condition</span>
    <span itemprop="availability" content="in_stock">In stock! Order now!</span>

Example Output of the above code in Search Results →


Article Markup ⇒ According to me, Article markup doesn’t boost your site ranking and some SEO experts also suggest article markup not matters in ranking, but my research over other SEO consultant, popular sites like Moz etc use markup, so you can’t say it a time waste in SEO. The articles are of many types and if you want to put markup I suggest you to also see and

<div itemscope itemtype="">
<span itemprop="name">ARTICLE TITLE</span>
by <span itemprop="author">AUTHOR NAME</span>
This article has been tweeted 1203 times and contains 78 user comments.
<meta itemprop="interactionCount" content="UserTweets:1203"/>
<meta itemprop="interactionCount" content="UserComments:78"/>

Recipe Markup ⇒ Yes ! In a Video Matt Cutt says “ help in some cases, like in Recipe“, So the use of helps your ranking. If you are going to put this markup don’t forget to also remix markup of, and with Recipe. Here is a final code comes when you remix all markup :

<div itemscope itemtype="" >
  <h1 itemprop="name">RECIPE NAME</h1>
  <img itemprop="photo" src="example.jpg" /> 
  By <span itemprop="author">AUTHOR</span>
  Published: <time datetime="2015-11-05" itemprop="published">
    November 5, 2015</time>
  <span itemprop="summary">This is my grandmother's apple pie recipe. I like to add a
    dash of nutmeg.</span>
  <span itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="">
    <span itemprop="rating">4.0</span> stars based on
    <span itemprop="count">35</span> reviews </span>
  Prep time: <time datetime="PT30M" itemprop="prepTime">30 min</time>
  Cook time: <time datetime="PT1H" itemprop="cookTime">1 hour</time>
  Total time: <time datetime="PT1H30M" itemprop="totalTime">1 hour 30 min</time>
  Yield: <span itemprop="yield">1 9" pie (8 servings)</span>
  <span itemprop="nutrition" itemscope itemtype="">
    Serving size: <span itemprop="servingSize">1 medium slice</span>
    Calories per serving: <span itemprop="calories">250</span>
    Fat per serving: <span itemprop="fat">12g</span>
    <span itemprop="ingredient" itemscope itemtype="">
      Thinly-sliced <span itemprop="name">apples</span>:
      <span itemprop="amount">6 cups</span>
    <span itemprop="ingredient" itemscope itemtype="">
      <span itemprop="name">White sugar</span>:
      <span itemprop="amount">3/4 cup</span>
    <div itemprop="instructions">
      1. Cut and peel apples
      2. Mix sugar and cinnamon. Use additional sugar for tart apples.

Here is a Output →

Video object Markup ⇒ Video markup is really helping in ranking because it tested by me. Most popular video sharing site Youtube  also use with &, Where Person tends to users who uploaded the video and Image object is a thumbnail of Video.

→ To get markup code visit or Rich snippets Video.

Video schema output in search →

video-schema Tools

Data Highlighter Webmaster Tools


Data highlighter is a tool for webmaster users to inform google about your page structure without adding markup code in your web page. You just open data highlighter and paste the page url of your site which you want to add rich snippets > Publish > and your search result snippet automatically change at some time.

Schema Generator


I put this tool in the list of SEO tools because schema’s work for search optimization and this tool generate those schema’s optimization codes. It’s very helpful for those who not waste so much time in coding.

Google Rich Snippet Testing


After adding what’s left : Google updates your snippet or first check how your snippet appears, Yes ! First, we have to test is my code is working perfectly or not, if not so you may fix first and test again and again in this testing tool.


To learn some better FAQ, Read the full FAQ from Google Support.

My web page showing schema structure in the rich snippet tool but not in search results?

If you just add markup code in your page, so please wait until google update your snippet. Other hand some time googles not show rich snippet in the search because the search query is not perfect for your snippet.

How have relation with Facebook Open graphs?

Facebook open graph tags don’t provide additional information like that’s why when you mark up your content using an open graph, provides an additional way to provide more detail about particular entities on the page.

Why Google recommended markup format : Microdata ?

According to google, Microdata codes feels like simplicity and easy to learn that’s why the google focus over microdata format.