The modern Santa Claus is going to ride on robots

Ankit Singh (Dev) Ankit Singh (Dev)
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016

The advanced robotics company Boston Dynamics shows up on a video the future of Santa’s reindeer and it was amazing. Anyone can become a Santa in our house, but arranging the ride of reindeer looks pretty hard to handle in real life. What you want, when you saw robots of reindeer near you? Do you want a gift or get a ride of the modern reindeer.

As we saw in movies and television, the ride of Santa Claus is a group of reindeer which fly up in the sky just like a drone. And if reindeer robots are possible, then flying it on the sky is not impossible for technology.

Santa is a human, and their ride is an animal. If we replace both characters with robots, then it may create huge problems just like auto driver cars. Here is a GIF of Futurama that shows the bad Santa robot. It may be the future when everything becomes robotics.

That is the reason why human is needed to control machines and robots. Reindeer robots are just a thought that Boston Dynamics shows in a video, but if these kinds of tech comes to market, there was no chance of success of the product.