Install and Run Android Apps Inside Chrome for Cross Platform

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Install and Run Android Apps Inside Chrome for Cross Platform

For the first time Google introduced a way you can run Android apps right on your chrome browser for any platform including Windows, MAC and more. The extension ARC(App runtime for chrome) Welder runs Android apps inside chrome. The extension App Runtime for chrome is specially made for Chrome OS, but you can run this extension on any platform as I said above. Chrome developers made this extension for Android developers to test their APK, right on your Google’s browser. There are some bugs persisting while testing APK like: ARC welder crashes, that’s why you need to contribute Bugs by filing a bug. For the official document see Getting Started with ARC.

What are the requirements?

To run Android apps on chrome on non Chrome OS platforms, you need to fulfill some requirements officially required by chrome developers:

  • Google Chrome Browser(a best web browser) with Updated to version 41+(41 or above)
  • Android apps as APK files
  • PC, Mac or other computer platforms

Install and Launch ARC Welder

To install the extension ARC welder, you just need to open the extension on chrome web store and add it your browser.


As you click add to chrome button, a extension file of about 110mb+ is start downloading to your browser and after a another extension also install after welder. As the download completes the app ARC welder comes to your chrome apps directory, and from there you can easily run the extension.

On the welcome screen, you have to choose the directory where this extension will save apps, simply choose any directory of your computer.

Download a APK file

If you didn’t have any offline installation android apps right on your computer, then you can easily download from unofficial resources on the web not from play store. Here are some sites which serve android apps APK files:

Attach APK apps to arc and run apps

All set, now you have to only attach the APK file you downloaded during previous step and run the ARC with the configuration shown on your screen.



Orientation: You can choose the orientation of the screen shows when you launch any app: Landscape or Portrait.

Form Factor: You can choose form factor on which platform ARC welder runs the app: Tablet, Phone or Maximized.

Enable Google Play services in ARC: If the app you’re running on the ARC uses Google sign in or other Authentication so you easily enable play service in your ARC app.