How to Recover Deleted Files Back in Windows

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - May 18, 2016
How to Recover Deleted Files Back in Windows

What, you deleted your important stuff from your computer forever, even it’s not available in Recycle bin? Don’t worry about, it’s not a big deal, and the answer is you can recover your any file or folder back to your Windows computer in some minutes. When using any recovery software, there your see the scan for deleted files does in two ways: Quick and Deep Scan. Deep Scan finds your deleted files deeply from a early time and list all the important and non-important files on your software, but it takes too much time that you need to leave your computer for a long period and when it completes simply select your important stuff and Recover.

Recuva: Tutorial

Recuva is a free and popular recovery tool, you can use on your windows computer and recover deleted and lost files in some seconds. During recovery wizard, it asks you for what type of files you’re finding, you can easily filter the options like: Pictures, Documents, Compressed and more and also you can choose a specific location from where your files are missing. Not just from your hard drive, Recuva can recover files from your removable disks(Memory cards, iPods etc). You can also use Recuva: Deep Scan, that recovers all files that can be possibly recovered from your computer.

Download and install Recuva for Free


You can Download Recuva Software Free from the official website and install as a regular install on your windows system. Note that it will ask you to add a Scan shortcut option menu to explorer and Recycle bin, you can unchecked, if you didn’t want.

Start Wizard and Select File type


File type helps you to choose the file type before scanning and let Recuva only scan only for those types of files which you selected. It’s good if you’re going to deep scan.

Select File Location


You can choose File Location from where your files are deleted or losted. You can choose a custom folder from Specific Location. Now, Recuva can also recover data from removable disk, so you can also select Media Card, iPod, CD/DVD and more.

Deep Scan or Not?


Deep scan available on all Recovery software and you can use this if your files don’t appear on a quick scan.

Start Scan and wait


Quick scan completes in seconds, Deep scan takes too much time.

Select files to Recover


Now Recuva shows you a list of files which are deleted from your computer and now you have to check those files you want to recover and with Right click select Recover Checked.

Use Advanced mode to Preview Files

In Advanced mode, you can also see the preview of the files on the right hand side, you can better choose what you want to recover.

Best Data Recovery Software


Price: Free, Publisher: Piriform, Vintaytime Score: 10/10, Windows Required: XP, Vista, 7, 8+



Recuva is a free and ease-to-use software recommend by many popular sites on the web. You can use this tool to recover files from your hard drive or from removable disks. I already defined so much about this software, you can read from above.

Pandora Recovery

Price: Free, Publisher: Pandora, Vintaytime Score: 8/10, Windows Required: XP, Vista, 7+



It is a another free recovery tool that give you both a quick and deep (surface) scans type. There are multiple types of filtering before scan like: File name, Size, Data etc. Quick scan is little slower than Recuva, but the scan results are very good of this tool.

Orion File Recovery


The Orion Recovery tool is a light and ease-to-use tool by NCH Software. Now this tool can Find and Recover deleted files and also Scrub files. The scrub will delete the files from the recovery area forever and no other software can recover those files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software


EaseUS serving data recovery tool for the cross platform, including Android and iPhone. Now this software has some professional recovery features that you can use this if you lost your important stuff.

Tips to avoid this mistake

  • Setup Automatic Backups on Windows
  • Carry an External Hard Drive
  • Don’t use Shift+Del for important stuff(so you can easily restore from Recycle Bin)
  • Install Cloud Storage Client and Store Files on Cloud