Top 15 Online Free Promotion Tips For Your Website

Vintaytime Staff
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Top 15 Online Free Promotion Tips For Your Website

In early times, the promotion is done by wasting so much time and with the money we need so many folks to complete promotion through posters, banners, TV commercial, radio commercial and more. But today’s we have to focus more on online promotion because internet usage is much higher than television. Online promotion is divided into parts and some of them are internet marketing, search engine marketing and more. Before 2003-05, promotion companies only handle large online business for example shopping sites etc. But according to me after 2005 there was a websites flood comes to internet business and now everyone wants their site advertisement. But the problem is for start-up sites is not having a good budget to pay for promotion that’s why they need tips, techniques, ideas which helps them to increase traffic on their website without paying nothing(free).

Flood of internet users is really much higher you didn’t count, so i can say that Yes! You can promote your website absolutely free of cost using my tips listed below.

Search Engine Optimization

1) Quality contents → What is your site is about?, what you publish?, what’s your site contents?, all these things on your site must have their own quality and your contents should looks like high branded contents is known as quality contents. Google knows quality contents must have these 3 things : Unique, Popular & Branded. One more thing to make a good contents is use your own contents, don’t copy from other sites for ex. Texts, images, media files and more.

2) On-Page SEO → I already well define about On-page SEO, but as a overview i say that, on-page optimization means your web page optimization, designing/coding not matters in web ranking, the only way to optimize your page is using open graph meta tags, markup, optimize page speed, short permalink SEO, title tag SEO and use media contents.

3) Backlinks → Google ranking based on 200 ranking factors and one of the most important factors is backlinks (your site link to other webpages or site). Quality backlinks are really golden profit, but link back from quality  sources to your site is not so easy that’s you have to first try some better free quality backlinks sources. Social media sites backlinks also count in google algorithm, so keep sharing your pages URLs on major social networks.

Social Media

4) Put social buttons on your site → Social sharing buttons plays many roles in your site promotion for ex. Your visitors share your page directly from your site, follow your social accounts from your site, your social backlinks auto increase, increase your site quality and more. For WordPress users, use my collection of social sharing WordPress plugin.

5) Create your business page on all major social networks → If your company page is only on Facebook & twitter then please go forward and use other social networks because internet traffic are everywhere. Making your company page on most social networks will also increase your web ranking and some hidden benefits. Here are some major social networks you have to try now :

6) Make a Separate Company Blog

Internet Marketers personally make our company blog for business promotion and now you see many popular companies on web create a blog of company which publish articles related to company contents. For ex. WhatsApp Blog, Adobe blog, Wix Blog, Hostgator blog and more.

The blog helps your website traffic to grow without any advertisement because blog visitors are mostly about search engine. It’s a good way for any type of business site including e-commerce, social network, software’s, government, education and more.

If you’re going to run a blog, i suggest you to install WordPress software on your server and with the help of a wordpress seo plugin you can automatically rank your blog on google and other search engines.

Local Promotion

7) Business site listing on Google Maps → Google my business helps your site to connect with customers through google maps, when a local user search any keyword through maps google automatically pull results that perfect for the keyword for ex. Search keyword : “buy drill machine“, so your business listing on maps should be like this : “Drill machine dealer – <your company name>”. And your site should be mentioned, so the user can easily go through your site and contact you, if deal successful the user will bookmark your site and keep up to date with your site updates.

8) Link Google+ place page to your site → After adding your business listing on maps, now you have to create a google+  business page > choose business type > search your business, you have previously added to maps > select the address > fill details with your website > submit > verify your site > done.


YouTube Promotion

Upload own videos have entertaining contents → On YouTube billions of unique search queries searched every month, now the tip is, you have to create some own videos related to your site contents but the video you create have some entertaining contents. To make a video more creative use some video editing softwares and edit like a movie. Once your video finally built > upload > publish, make sure to share your videos on your social pages. Actually, entertaining videos don’t need any paid promotion, youtube automatically optimize your video between billions of users. But make sure some optimization tips, read next.

Optimize video → If your video is fully optimized+ have entertaining contents and followed YouTube SEO, you didn’t need any advertisement paid campaign, your video automatically gains more views, likes and shares like a boost. Free YouTube promotion based on your video contents, so please only focus on video seo if you want success in a free promotion.

Now you can place your website url anywhere in your video including Starting/Between/End and add an inspirational message to all viewers to attract them to your site.

Email Promotion

Build emails list → There are so many ways to build email addresses list, but the problem is we need email’s of folks comes in relation of my industry. My tip is for you to add a user subscription box on every page of your website or use light box popup for the subscription box. If you’re working in a group, give any member a target to find at-least 100 email list of folks daily through internet.

Use free email marketing software → Now, after creating email list you need a free email marketing software. Email marketing software’s give you full control over your subscribers and have a great dashboard to control your list, campaign, templates, design and more and all of them are for free. You can see email marketing software’s list here, but in free, Mailchimp is better.

Online Communities Participate

Google your content, keywords and join communities → Community sites on the web are available in millions, so to choose a right community, according to your site content is to take the help of google tricks. In search, you have to search your keyword and in results find some forums/community on which users ask questions related to your industry.

Question / Answer communities → Question and answers are very popular on the web, you can find these types of communities easily and some of theme are Stack overflow, Yahoo Answers and more. With your answers & questions you can put your website link and offer your content to users.

Web Directory submission

Website submission to online directories is one of the common ways you found on the web. But the question, is this really help for my site promotion?, According to me, it is a common way, if you’re going through free site promotion. Online directories aren’t giving you much traffic, but it’s useful. Some of the best directories are as follows :