10 cool Pinterest ideas you should pin it in 2016

Ankit Singh (Dev)
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
10 cool Pinterest ideas you should pin it in 2016

If you look on trending pins on Pinterest of a whole year, there must be more pins of topics like eating, fashion, beauty and so on because people love to post these kind of topics on Pinterest as well as on Instagram. But we are tech and our aim to grow technology everywhere, including social networking websites and Pinterest.

Starting of a year and ending of a year is all about holidays and you can fill up your Pinterest boards with the holidays kind of pins, but the whole year is left and you can make the year, a tech year. Here I listed the fresh and cool tech related ideas that you should post like or something related whatever you like on technology.

1. Exercise technology

Fitness and health is a very common thing of human life, and merging technology with fitness can change the world. This is Peloton cycle, the future of spinning.

2. How-to in pinterest style

May be you’re taking the help of internet daily in your life, but in the way of Pinterest it was totally different. The photos steps and a tutorial is complete.

3. Tech in my bag?

Show your travel gadgets, usually carry when you’re packing our bag. Didn’t carry bags? OK, so you merge all of your tech in your pocket.

4. Small setup tour

Where you work, where you live and what is your profession? I don’t know, but you can show the world about your small and cute tech setup.

5. DIY neon

Do-it-yourself art and design is look more pretty when you decorate it with a neon light. Show the hidden technology behind DIY art and design.

6. Kids love technology

When kids take interest on technology, so it’s an opportunity for parents do whatever their kids want to do or what do become in thier life.

7. Drones

Drones are expanding in personal life and business, but something is illegal. FAA announces that it’s important to register your drone in 2016 and make them fly legally. Keep droning.

8. Hoverboards

Hover board is the best tech to buy and some boards are less expensive than an iPhone. The internet is already broke with the topic “hoverboard”.

9. Smartphone accessories

Even you love gadgets or not, but I know a smartphone is resting in your pocket. What if you buy some cool accessories for your smartphone like above one.

10. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is coming and the most known device Oculus rift to be launched in 2016. Shake up the Pinterest.