How to Change or Replace the Color in Photoshop

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
How to Change or Replace the Color in Photoshop

A low quality camera photos color is slightly light, and to replace colors from that image is not getting the good finishing. Actually, when we capture photos there should be so many objects with different colors or may be less objects. In Adobe Photoshop, color replacement tool can change or remove colors of objects, but you can also try some other ways to change colors in Photoshop, if the object was not a gradient. I found a plain background color can be easily changed without using the color replacement tool and will also get good auto finishing because you don’t need to make a selection here. Many folks I found, always try to change the background image with Photoshop, because of bad colors, but you can also change the colors to make your image looks good.


Image by Pixabay

→ Here, Objects are things in the image like Face, Hair, Goods, Wear, Clothes, and Background is separate.

Changing color of Object

To change an object color in your image, you can use the color replacement tool. Adobe makes this tool, to change color of objects inside the image. If your Photoshop didn’t have this tool, you can use the other tool/way given after below.

1. Select the color replacement tool


Open your image in Photoshop and Select toolbox> Color Replacement tool to active the replacement tool.

2. Now pick the color you want to change

The foreground color is the color use to change in the object’s color, simply change it first whatever color you want. From toolbox’s below side, pick your foreground.

3. Paint the object

Now make sure your tool configuration is correct like Tolerance, Limits, Mode and more. If your object is in plain color, use: Tolerance: 50%, For Hair color: Tolerance, 20-30% or for other adjust yourself.


Zoom in(CTRL+”+”) to the edges of an object and paint all the borders first, then all left area. When you work with Zoom in, your colors will never fall outside, and if falls simply Undo(CTRL+Z) it. See the below screenshot:


Changing color of Background

Background color depends to your image, is that plain, gradient, multi-color shaded or other. Here, plain background can be easily changed and also get the good finishing and a multi color background takes time for finishing.


  • Open your image and unlock the layer, if its locked
  • Go to Select> Color Range
  • Click on the background color (select Selection to see only background color is selected, not objects, if the background is missing in selection, then choose the Add to sample dropper from there, and add more background parts to the current selection.)> Adjust Fuzziness make it increase to max. Value>  OK
  • Now your background is only selected here.
  • In the layer panel, select create a new fill layer or adjustment layer icon> Hue/Saturation> Slide Hue value to change the color of your background selection.

Color Replacement

Replacement of color is slightly different from the color change, here I use Image> Adjustments> Replace Color tool. Adjustments are done with the help of Hue, Saturation and lightness values.

1. Open Replace color tool

From Image> Adjustments> Replace Color, start replacing colors of any objects, background or whatever you want. This tool replaces colors with the help of Hue/Saturation/Lightness values, not like painting area with brush. I always use this tool even i want to change color of background or object instead of the color replacement tool.

2. Click on color, you want to replace

After opening the tool, click your mouse on the color you want to replace from your image. Note that if you didn’t make a selection, then the color you selected will remove from all of your image, not from a selected area.

3. Now adjust/replace color

Change the value of Hue, Saturation and see how your color is replacing. My first tip is to use a Rectangular Marquee tool and make a selection of the area you want to replace color from, not a border selection only rectangular selection which shows only this area will affect by the color replacement tool.