Oracle is killing their Java browser plug-in by late 2016

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Oracle is killing their Java browser plug-in by late 2016

Java browser plug-in is a part of all popular web browsers since ’90s, but it was the cause of security flaws that nobody knows before. In 2015, many browser companies announced losing support of standard plugins like Flash, Silverlight, Java and other plugin based technologies. The company Oracle announced in a blog post that, they were going to kill their Java browser plug-in and moving into a plugin-free web.

Since news of adobe flash killing appear on internet, many web companies start moving to HTML5 and an example, you can take is Ookla’s Speed Test. Google chrome and Microsoft edge already killed support of Java Applets but still IE and safari browser staying with Java browser plug-in.

The developers of applications that believe in the Java browser plugin can now find an alternative options such as Java™ Web Start, a plug-in free web technology or more options. Oracle will totally remove browser plug-in technology from the future release of Java SE and does deprecate in JDK version 9. The company schedule Java 9 release on 22 September, 2016.


Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report

Cisco’s 2014 annual security report indicates that 91% of web attacks are against Java and the company oracle needs to solve these security flaws, but unfortunately the company plans to deprecate the Java browser plugin in JDK 9.