Meem, a charger cable that backup your phone every time you charge

Vintaytime Staff Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016

May be you backup your smartphone once in a week or once in a month, but it’s very hard to backup phone once in a day. A new kind of cable called “Meem” will backup your Android and iPhone device every time you charge with Meem memory cable


All of your phone’s data, including contacts, messages, calender, photos, videos will stored locally within Meem cable, and you can restore the data to the new phone in one simple step. As you connect the Meem cable with your smartphone, an app called “MEEM mirror” will automatically start downloading. Next, set a passcode and you have done.

Many people didn’t take interest in manual backups because of sync feature. Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS devices are default enabled to sync your personal data that can be easily synced like photos, contacts, calendar and more. But it’s hard to sync large or medium size media files in the cloud storage like Music, Videos, Movies and more.

May be you disable sync completely on your device, because the internet speed and phone performance drops. Meem cable is the free and easy solution to backup your device without paying for cloud storage or worrying about low phone storage. Your personal files are always on your hand and no matters that hacker can abuse your data.