Top 9 Local SEO Tips and Strategies You Need To Know Now

Ankit Singh (Dev)
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Top 9 Local SEO Tips and Strategies You Need To Know Now

Optimizing your site for the local users on search engine is not so tough and you know for a business, users target marketing is everything. Why we care about Local SEO, If my site is already ranking for all users of the country? Actually, There are so many positive reasons why you should always care about or only care about Local SEO, if your business can only serve services or products for only a specific city. By doing Paid promotion and Social Media Marketing from the last few years, I found targeted users are very effective like targeted city, country, profession, etc., and if you take care of local SEO for your business, then its gonna be very beneficial for you.

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The Keyword Appear

First for a Local SEO, you must put the local city name as a keyword on your page and make sure the place you’re putting the keyword is must be important tag of the page like: Title, Heading 1, Description etc. Without the keyword appear in Title Tag, Google doesn’t rank your site higher for the local users because your Title Tag is more part of SEO or On Page SEO.


A user open, you know Google automatically redirect to the Google country domain like: or and if you’re using the most popular internet browser: Chrome, then Google didn’t need your permission to access your location of your region, city, area.

Your Listing on Maps


Did you add your business and the site on Google Maps Listing? If not, then please do it now because without listing your business or website with maps you can’t do a verified local SEO anymore. To add your business location, simply visit Map Maker> Sign In> Add new> Drag and Drop the Marker> Fill Details with your Web site and now You will approve as they reviewed in some days or it may be approved within a same day.

The Google+ Page


Now for a beautifully appear on search results, you need a Google+ Place Page which helps Google to better know about your website and business and give users ability to write a review about your business or website. To create a Google+ Place Page, first your map listing should be approved and after, Simply visit Google My Business>  Get on Google> Search your business> Verify> Add Details to your Website> Verify Website.

Local Rich Snippet Code

Rich Snippet SEO is really helpful for webmasters for search optimization and as it is essential for local ranking, you can add codes related to Local Information like: Address, Telephone and more on your webpage. After implementing structure data code, you can test your code is working or not by entering your page address on Rich Snippet Testing Tool.

Local Directories Listing

Listing your site on local directories will give your site multiple benefits, you don’t know yet. First, your website earns visitor from the directories, which sound like free website promotion. Second, Your site gain more quality backlinks which count as a Google ranking factor and give you benefit from SEO. Google my Business is the #1 local directory you have already tried on above and else are:

List of 50 Local Directories

Important Meta Data On the Footer

The footer side should be filled with important links according to a web designer, but for local optimization, you can add your business information, data like address, map, contact so that your business meta will auto appear on all of your web pages and now Google detect the footer meta data as a local optimization.

More Reviews Power

After creating your place Google+ Page, Google now serves users to review your business by giving rating and also write about the business. This time Google checks how many people rated your business so that only those business site goes up in search results which have more reviews. Positive and negative reviews are not highly matter for Local SEO, only the quantity of review matters is sounds like highly matters.


To get more reviews for your business place on Google, you can take your customers E-mail address and ask customers to review your business by thinking about E-mail marketing. You can also target local users through social media sites like Facebook, and make a separate landing page on your website where users can read about your site and business and also review your place.

Paid Strategy

Local SEM

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) on today’s time is very effective, but for the successful SEM you always go for the paid marketing and you know getting traffic from organic search results is not so easy than paid traffic. With Google AdWords, you can make a advertisement campaign for Google Search, and target only local users which comes in the circle your city only.


Local Campaign in AdWords is always comes with very cheap PPC, because there is not such competition always. Google always takes care of regular advertisers, and that is why you’ll get also so much benefit of better ranking on Google for the local users.

Local Social Media Marketing

SEO is good, but if you want some traffic instantly you can pay to social media sites for advertisement and in option Audience target, choose your business location. By collecting popularity of social media, your website will earn a local reputation that will listed on local sites automatically and you get Local SEO instantly.