7 #Selfie Pics Teach You “How To Take a Good Selfie”

Vintaytime Staff
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
7 #Selfie Pics Teach You “How To Take a Good Selfie”

Here is a interesting topic i wrote for you. Actually the selfie is a self photography taken to your phone and share it on social media websites like facebook, twitter and more. The look of selfie pictures is like you are looking selfish in photo. Mostly selfie is taken at arm length or in front of mirror but with the help of below pictures you can take some different type of selfie.

Robert cornelius take first selfie in 1839 see more in wiki here. Now toady’s time you can watch #SELFIE song on youtube to learn more about selfie. Photography of a person is only based on thinking and selfie is one of them.

Take selfie in front of light


Image : Michellephan

If you already search for how to take a selfie so you already know that selfie is perfect when a light fall on your face. Its not matter which type of  you can use any type of light sunlight, room light or your camera flash light.

Selfie in front of mirror


Image : Facebook

Taking a selfie in front of mirror is the best way because as you see wikipedia page the first selfie is taken in front of mirror but its just a think so many people have their own method of capture through this photography.

Attitude smile selfie


Image : Actress

Mostly this type of photography full of attitude in your face and give a small smile and just hit the capture button and you take attitude selfie. In above picture a girl is with his iphone and taking a selfie lonely.

Photographer style


Image : Photographer

This is a another look of selfie pictures. This picture is taken by a photographer with a girl in a selfie pose. You can do many thinks with your selfie pics like add some effects & bokeh that’s look good.

Duck Face #Selfie

It is a popular pose of selfie and taken by mostly selfie pictures. This photo is of vlogger posted in facebook. You can take duck face picture with your friends, family or with your neighbors its not matter to take selfie lonely.

Duck face in group


Image : Facebook

If you take a duck face selfie with your friends or in a group of peoples so its look more interesting. It feels like every people looking selfish in group.


Celebrity style #Selfie

Mostly people follow selfie looks of celebrities so you can also take a selfie according to celebrity. In picture diljit dosanjh taking selfie lonely in hall.