Facebook’s “Hello” App Give Information About Caller Through Facebook

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Facebook’s “Hello” App Give Information About Caller Through Facebook

A new app by Facebook ‘s Messenger team that give you information about the caller who is calling you and if the caller is unknown, Hello combines caller information from Facebook and give you info of the caller like: Name, Picture, Address, City and more. Some other features of Hello — Caller ID & Blocking app: See who’s Calling, Block Unwanted calls and Search People and Business and Places tells that this time Facebook wants to take over your phone dialer and now users goes more close with Facebook. Searching places with this app is not essential or not required because Google Maps is already in my phone but it may needed when you didn’t find the information on Maps.



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Let Facebook Search the Information about Caller


Using Hello Dialer you can search information about a phone numbers in seconds, just dial the number and let Facebook first search the information and show on your screen. If any incoming calls comes as shown in above snapshot caller ID shown on your screen.