10 Google Ranking Factors That Probably Similar To 200 Factors

Ankit Singh (Dev)
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
10 Google Ranking Factors That Probably Similar To 200 Factors

The story behind Google search tell us that Google ranks the results using over 200 factors. SEO tips you learn on the web are all comes in the list of 200 ranking factors. Algorithm using in search will ranked a page according to the quality signals comes from your page, or signals coming to your page from other resources. Between trillions of pages, Google always wants to give the best result for what a user is searching for. If you already see the complete list of 200 factors, you found that many of popular sites didn’t follow all factors and those sites already rank much higher or rank first on Google. The factors I listed here are packs of many factors that’s why i defined all factors in the list of Ten.

#1) On Page Factor

On page optimization is the most important factor Google used to determine your site and content quality. Without this factor you can’t boost your ranking anymore. There so many SEO things comes in page level factor like Title Tag, Meta Tags, Contents and more.

Firstly, in page level factor, you have to take care of the Title tag, which you can build by researching of keywords and the structure/length of your title should be search engine friendly. You can do practice by learning about SEO Title Tag.

Meta tags are of many types, but for today’s Google algorithm, you can use social media meta tags like Open graph tagstwitter meta tags and more,see the complete Social Media meta tags. The Meta Description tag is must in your page so please take care of this.

→See the complete tutorial over On Page optimization.

#2) Quality of Inbound links

Inbound links are called Backlinks, a major factor for web ranking. You can easily get High quality backlinks from sources found on the web and increase your organic traffic. The think why you should always care about quality of inbound links is because Google sees the reputation of your site by determining quality links to your site. PageRank builds more strong if the incoming links have more quality.

Many webmaster agencies sell and buy links to pass PageRank, but it totally hurts Google and once Google found this spam, your site may lose organic ranking for a long time period. No one wants this punishment, that’s why you have to care about the quality of Incoming links.

#3) Permalink Factor

A permalink is a most important factor of today’s SEM. To make URLs, search engine friendly, you need an SEO URL tutorial and also try to understand why you should always take care of this factor, even your site is of any topic. Static URLs are more search engine friendly than Dynamic. If you use a blogging software like WordPress, then you didn’t need to take care of this factor and you can easily choose Post Name structure from your settings. Here is an example how to put only keywords in permalink:


A shorten permalink is ranking well in Google, and also if it only contains keywords without non-keywords letters, then you should rank any web page for the keyword like a boost. Memorable URLs are good for user experience said by Matt Cutts.

#4) Mobile Friendly Site

A new factor in the Google Algorithm, that rank a webpage higher on mobile platform if your design is mobile friendly like responsive. Not all popular sites make our site design responsive like Facebook, because they make a mobile platform template and domain separately, but it’s good for large business, for start ups and small business can make our design responsive to rank higher on mobile devices search results.


→To test is your site/page is mobile friendly or not, try the official Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

#5) Domain Level Factor

There are two major factors found in domain level Domain Age and Domain extension. Age matters everywhere, because let us suppose, if you’re running an organization and you need a programmer, and between of many programmers you hire those who are experienced, so experienced is old and old is gold. As it is Google also think old sites are having more information than new that’s why age matters, and it officially announced by Matt Cutts in Video How does Google determine domain age, and is it important for ranking? .

Domain Extension is a factor that determine your domain is a top level domain or not? Top level domains are like .com,.Org, .Net and more. More common extension is. com, but if you want to rank a site in a specific region than you should use regional domains like.UK, .In and more.

#6) Local Ranking Factor

Ranking locally in search engine is also a most important factor for small business. There are many popular eCommerce sites who run their business worldwide, and to target specific users of specific country they use domain for specific regions like Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.co.in and more. As it is, you can also target specific users of a specific city which rank your site higher in your targeted city.

#7) Rich Contents

Contents comes in the list of On page factor, the only thing why i defined this factor separately because content is the king and if your web page has quality contents, then no one stop your web ranking boost, even you write meta tags and title tags different from the keywords.

To write quality contents, first you have to know that for the topic you’re making the page, you have enough information of that topic and don’t write anything false.

The way you defined your topic is contain some visual & multimedia data so the users can better understand the topic, and it’s called great user experience for which Google always in search for.

#8) Time Period Factor

New websites didn’t rank on Google, you heard this line many times from SEO resources. It’s true, Google didn’t rank new sites because he knew old is gold. This factor exists in Google Algorithm from many years and I don’t think Google has never changed/remove time period factor from Algorithm.

I didn’t tell what was the exact time Google takes to rank a site on first page, but i must say it will take few months. You can’t bypass time period factor totally but if your site publishes contents like a flood, then I think this factor will bypass within a month.

#9) Rich Snippets Factor

Rich snippet comes in the list of On page factors, and it is possible by using Schema.org SEO tips, techniques, markup and more. Rich snippet was really help for web ranking and it will better defined Google about your page contents.


Rich snippets is also known as structured data and it of many types like Product, Recipe, Review, Video and more. Once you make up your web page with rich snippet markup codes, you can easily use Rich Snippet Testing Tool to determine the code you add is working or not.

#10) SSL Secure site

Secure site factor is newly comes in Google Algorithm. You know how you can move your domain: Unsecured (http: //) to Secure (http’s: //). This factor are not yet completely own by many popular sites because if your site has so much contents, then in moving your domain to SSL will change some environment. I must say to own this factor for your site because your site not just rank in web, also secure from hackers.