Top 9 Best and Popular AdSense Alternatives For Publishers

Vintaytime Staff
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Top 9 Best and Popular AdSense Alternatives For Publishers

Advertisement networks are growing, according to their growth of advertisers, who serves ads to multiple advertisement networks. Large web companies are always in relation with online advertising companies and companies paid to those ad networks who are popular, old and serve ads to high quality traffic contents. Publishers only trust the most popular network AdSense, and that is the reason why every publisher start our journey with Google AdSense. Once your AdSense Approval request goes successful, you didn’t see the alternatives networks once because everyone knows Google has more number of advertisers that no other networks have.There are so many advertisement networks of the web but the question is How popular and reliable are those networks for publishers?, If you’re AdSense approval request is rejected so at the time you have to find some popular alternatives that you can trust like Google.

We made below list after researching over Popular contents on web and exclude who sell non-AdSense ads and from which network. I know why many people only want AdSense but what if following problems persisting:

  • Google is so strict it disapprove your AdSense approval request
  • AdSense paying low earning in my account
  • Totally banned by AdSense

And also have so many complaints against AdSense we found in many communities, so at this step, you need to partnership with those advertisement networks who paid you for every impressions, CPC and your payments cycle should be work timely.

1) BuySellAds (Apply BuySellAds)

Founded: 2008, Payment threshold: $20, Ad types: Text, Image, RSS, Tweet, Traffic requirement: 50K Pageviews/Month

BuySellads is a very known advertisement network after AdSense and also choice of popular contents on the web. I found BuySellAds on many websites and also many publishers use both AdSense and BuySellAds on a single content. This indicates BuySellAds has little equally popular like Google AdSense. This company help publishers to sell ads directly to advertisers and also they also very care of their publishers. There are so many quality advertisers already in touch with BuySellAds across worldwide. Here are some quick features list:

  • Direct ad sales
  • Immediate access to thousands of advertisers
  • Ad server integration

2) Media.Net (Apply

Founded: 2012, Payment threshold: $100, Ad types: Text, Image, Contextual, Traffic requirement: No* is a contextual ad program of the Yahoo Bing Network. This network serves ads of high quality brands worldwide and give keywords targeted banners. target ads according to your page topic like AdSense and the feature give you more clicks that good for your earnings. Customize your ad format, color and size+Track your performance in real time through dashboard.

  • Yahoo! Bing ad network
  • Target ad according to the topic of your page
  • Real-time statistics
  • Mobile ads flexibility
  • Ads customization

3) Infolinks (Apply Infolinks)

Founded: 2011, Payment threshold: $50, Ad types: Text, Image, Infold, Inframe, Traffic requirement: zero

Infolinks is a more popular and you found Infolinks ads banners on many websites. Ads units are of many types of Infolinks like: infold, intext, inframe & Intag. Units covers the full page contents and display ads according to the content of the page. Using this network on your website will cover your web page content and make some texts a link, which is called intext ads. According to their official page we found this company have more than 100k publishers globally.

4) Tribal Fusion (Apply Tribal Fusion)

Founded: 2004, Payment threshold: $50, Ad types: Text, Image, Contextual, Traffic requirement: 500K/month

Tribal fusion is a global advertisement provider. Publishers with this network can get more revenue for CPM, you ever seen on any other AdSense alternatives listed below. The thing you need to know before applying to tribal fusion is the company works with high quality publishers that host high quality and high traffic contents. This alternative company also give you the best ad formats for the multiple devices screen resolutions. Tribal fusion is a property of exponential advertising intelligence.

5) Adcash (Apply Adcash)

Founded: 2007, Payment threshold: €100, Ad types: Text, Image, Traffic requirement: zero

Adcash is a other popular ads solution company founded in 2007. This company serves ads in up to 249+ countries in both computer and mobile platform banners. Adcash monetize your valuable content and count your every impressions, that’s called the real value of a visitor. If you’re thinking about ads quality then its nice and ads display formats are available in all resolutions. Minimum payment threshold of Adcash is €100 and you can request a payment between 1st to 10th of the month. Live reporting dashboard already available for publishers that you can use to access detailed metrics of ads inventory.

6) Chitika (Apply Chitika)

Founded: 2003, Payment threshold: $10, Ad types: search-targeted, Traffic requirement: zero

Chitika is also a popular and best alternative of AdSense, which gives you flexible ads units that auto integrate with your web page. I test Chitika and found it count your every impressions and also maximize your revenue as your traffic grows. If your website always disapproved by Google because of copyrighted contents, then you should try Chitika because it have no condition of approval and also not required traffic quantity it approve your site with in 6 hours and you may start selling ads on the go. It also focus your content keywords and serve ads according to your topic of content.Chitika also offers you a WordPress plugin let you simply place ads in your WordPress blog.

7) Clicksor (Apply Clicksor)

Founded: 2004, Payment threshold: $50, Ad types: Text, Image, Popup, Traffic requirement: 50% + US, CA, GB

This company is a contextual advertising company. According to the Wikipedia, Clicksor launched by his mother company “yesup eCommerce solution inc.” which was founded in 1999. Think about this network because it is the another advertisement company give you a minimum payout of $50 through check or PayPal. With Clicksor you can set minimum prices for CPM,CPC & CPI and when the minimum prices of ads is empty, then Clicksor set your default ads and your revenue never go down.

8) BidVertiser (Apply BidVertiser)

Founded: 2003, Payment threshold: $10, Ad types: Text, Traffic requirement: zero

BidVertiser is a pay per click advertising company that you earn money when users click on ads, so according to me its little good alternative and if you want this network for your site so it is better to place above ads instead of BidVertiser, if your traffic is not so much. If you’re going to apply with an AdSense Alternative network now, then you should start from above listed networks.

9) Adversal (Apply Adversal)

Founded: 2003, Payment threshold: $10, Ad types: Text, Image, Traffic requirement: 50k/month

Its a only company I found in advertisement networks which gives publisher to request their payment in $20, its looks interesting. CPM rates also good by this company and you may place ads in multiple formats available in Adversal dashboard.