Google is killing flash-based ads, turns to HTML5

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Google is killing flash-based ads, turns to HTML5

Google runs world’s biggest advertisement network on the internet for many years, and the company was truly believed in Advertisement business. The day when adobe finally says good bye to flash, the crowd of developers tends to HTML5. Now, an announcement on Google+ by AdWords team is we’re start encourage advertisers to upload HTML5 advertisement campaigns and make Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing 100% HTML5.

Starting June 30th, 2016, advertisers will not able to upload flash-based ads to the AdWords and later January 2nd, 2017, Google will no longer run Flash format display ads on their Google Display Network or through DoubleClick. If advertisers already uploaded flash-based ads to the AdWords account, they can continue to run those campaigns till January 2nd, 2017.

Last year, when YouTube drops flash, it was in a talk that Google’s advertisement network also runs flash-based ads and soon the company move to HTML5 that was now announced.

How do I create HTML5 ads?

Google will automatically convert flash-based ads to HTML5 if advertiser already uploaded ads built-in flash. Instead, if you want to create a new HTML5 campaign, then try HTML5 ads Toolkit or Google web designer.Google also recommends advertisers to create new image ads instead of flash from today.