Google makes mobile web blazingly fast using AMP

Vintaytime Staff
1 year ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Google makes mobile web blazingly fast using AMP

The project AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages is now a part of Google mobile search. The project introduced in October, 2015 and is owned by Google on February, 2016. It makes mobile users instant access to news contents such as articles, pages etc. And load pages 10 times faster. Google is very focused to make the web faster, especially for mobile users. Previously launched Google web light is a big change in mobile search, making slow internet users, load optimized version of search result pages.Now, another step to make mobile web 10X faster is AMP.


If you’re a news publisher, you should get started with AMP right now and makes your content rank up in the mobile search results in the top stories section. Get a demo by visiting from a mobile browser.

AMP is the best answer of Facebook instant articles, even contents are not hosted directly on Google’s server and publishers can run ads in the AMP contents. Publishers running WordPress can use the AMP plugin to get started easily.

Now, when you search for a query/topic/news on Google from a mobile device, AMP enabled news articles will start appearing to you. The feature is rolling out globally and if you didn’t find the feature, try the demo link.