1st January reveals fake Facebook profiles and birthdays

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
1st January reveals fake Facebook profiles and birthdays

2016 is here, and everyone in the world active on social media sites and apps. On the first day of the year (new year), people are busy to send happy new year wishes to their friends, families and relatives and that is the reason why on new year’s eve WhatsApp has been down for 45 minutes.

On January 1st, my Facebook account shows 26 birthdays are today and send them a wish. I’am really confused and start thinking that it’s really possible or my friends mention their fake birth dates? I don’t think 26 friends’ birthdays on the same day is possible if you have friends less than 250.


How fake?

If a person is making a fake Facebook account, definitely they didn’t input everything. The faker only focuses on name and profile picture, else fields they filled like a robot. Some things that you can notice and easily confirm fake profiles are: 1st January birthday, random timeline photos, celebrities profile pictures, new account, huge friends and more.

I accept that many people have birthday on 1 January, even some celebrities and famous peoples in the world has that perfect birth date but very few people. 1st January was gone, but you can still see the past birth dates from the events calendar and flush out fake profiles from your account.