Facebook Photo Privacy Hack with Just a Chrome Extension

Ankit Singh (Dev)
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Facebook Photo Privacy Hack with Just a Chrome Extension

Facebook is very strict for their security systems, because some time hackers successfully make a hole in Facebook privacy and when Facebook know about this loss they immediately change their security and also increase the privacy level. This time there is no hacker, it is only a browser extension which help you to open image which is protected with “Only me” privacy.There are some alternative of this extension are also found in chrome web store, but we found only 1 extension in working condition and others are not working because when Facebook notified about any software, people or anything which making invalid activity & breaking Facebook rules they immediately make a complaint against software or human and as it is when they know about chrome extension breaking the privacy of Facebook they change their security. Here still an extension working which really open “Only me” protected image to Public and you may save full size image on your computer.

Photo Zoom For Facebook (Install)

This is a chrome extension making a hole in  the Facebook profile picture and photo privacy. You really try this extension on your computer and open others profile picture in full because when any person enable privacy in our Facebook profile picture Ex. “Only Me“, “Friends” or Custom friends, then only those people may able to see their profile picture in full screen and others couldn’t open profile pic because Facebook remove link from profile picture for others. But this time you may open those photos who aren’t allowing you for seeing profile picture, Simply install chrome extension in your chrome browser.

It really works, Take a live test?

If you still confuse and thinking about extension really works or not, so just test it now. We found a Facebook account of a person who enabled privacy on our Facebook profile picture, See below my mouse cursor not able to click on the picture-


If I’am not allow by the account owner to see this picture, then we install Photo Zoom For Facebook from chrome store and quick hover your mouse over profile pic.


As you see above the full resolution of the protected picture automatically open at the right hand side and now you may save it by right click to image > Select Photo Zoom for Facebook > Open Zoomed Image in new tab > Save the image.


If you still have a problem with this extension or having any errors so you can just easily clear your browser cache and restart the browser, If extension not opening image and still showing loading, then you should refresh the page, Another one if you’re unable to open zoomed image in a new tab, then you should use screen capture tool (tip – use snipping tool on windows) which capture your screen when you zoomed image and simply save the full screen image in your storage after crop the out area of photo using photoshop or paint.

Is this extension available on another browser?

I already find this extension in Firefox store and I found that,  it’s not working, but you may try it Facebook Photo Zoom Firefox extension. Why to use this extension in other browsers if is already available in most popular internet browser – Google chrome.