Facebook’s Web Messenger.com: Everything You Need To Know

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Facebook’s Web Messenger.com: Everything You Need To Know

Facebook’s popular product: Messenger can now able to run on your computer’s web browser and work same as your phone app. Another most popular product of Facebook: WhatsApp previously launched on the web, known as WhatsApp Web. The company Facebook is trying to grow the business and users by launching web clients because many users when on computer, they didn’t active on the app and with the help of these web clients folks can continue our conversations while working on a computer. Web Messenger will not work on mobile web browsers because if you’re on the phone, you can easily use the app instead of a web client. If you differentiate b/w web client vs phone app messenger then everything is probably same because in app the interface is load from messenger.com but some feature is not possible in web client.

Start using this way → Messenger Login

Continue messenger conversations


Before while you’re working on a computer, you can’t active on messenger conversations with your friends. Sometime you do messenger conversation and computer work at a time, it means your mind is divert when you switch the platform, but now with the help of web messenger client you can continue your conversations in a tab of your computer’s web browser and also allow chat sound and desktop notification to better continue long conversations.

Allow Desktop Notifications

Turning desktop notifications: ON for, messenger.com, will continually notify you when anyone sends you a new message on messenger. The desktop notification feature is best for any web client, including Facebook Web Messenger, WhatsApp Web etc.


To Turn on: Click the setting icon on top left corner> chooses settings> In notifications, select Turn on desktop notifications> Allow> done.

Call your Friends

Calling in messenger is giving you a HQ voice sound during in a call. If you call from web messenger, Facebook uses the same technology they use in phone app that’s why calling and video calling is just goes more in flow with web messenger.


To call your friends you just need to click the Call icon and your calls are just started on the go.

Send/receive documents and files for workflow


Now you’re on your computer and the messenger is active right on your browser, while working on a computer, you can use Messenger.com instead of E-mail to send and receive documents and also keep in touch with other conversations during the work. Some time ago, we tried this with our staff members in a messenger group and found our work flow goes better with web messenger.

What you can & can’t do?

  • Can’t Run Messenger Apps on Web Client
  • Can Delete Messages and Conversations
  • Can’t see Active Friends List