10 Most Popular Effective SEO and Strategies for E-commerce Sites

Ankit Singh (Dev)
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
10 Most Popular Effective SEO and Strategies for E-commerce Sites

For an E-commerce website, SEO not only needed because the marketing budget of online stores are very strong, but those companies also invest in SEO, because once organic traffic will increase you didn’t need to pay more for paid internet marketing like: PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more. Strategy of search engine optimization used behind an E-commerce company will completely work as white hat SEO and eCommerce sites needed customers and traffic like a flood. SEO takes time, but for an eCommerce company, they didn’t have time, so by thinking of many popular strategies and techniques already used with many popular E-commerce brands on web, we made a list of Ten you need to know for the growth.

Boost Content Quantity

Not every E-commerce company sell like a mega store, if we talk about popular companies like Amazon, you know it is the most popular and largest E-commerce and mostly all types of goods available on Amazon. If your E-commerce site sells many types of products like Electronics, Home, Fashion, Books and more, then you didn’t need to think more about quantity, but if you are a start-up, then I really suggest you to please increase the level of your E-commerce store and expand the store products and pages of your site.

In search results, your E-commerce site should have more and more product pages indexed and also try to generate some multiple category pages, that make a large company impression on front of Google and you got the SEO. Here are the results of pages count from the domain amazon.com:


For low budget small E-commerce companies, we suggest you try to generate some more pages from your site in thinking of Whitehat SEO Technique. You’ll surely get the organic traffic within some weeks.

Powerful Internal Linking

Internal Linking not just help your SEO, also give you chance to increase your sales by a single visitor. Suppose, if a user come from search results, and now the user is only focusing the product he want, now the user add product to the cart and internal links like: Related Products, Product Accessories, Latest Goods and more are also related to the product, and its 99% proved, if the internal linking is related to the product then the same user add both items to the cart and also take a interest with your site.

According to the Google, Internal links give signal to search engines that the same domain links you put on other same domain pages are equally important of that page. To make powerful internal linking in less contents, you should first decorate internal links to the header, footer and sidebar and then go through your contents linking.

Advanced On-Page SEO

The most important part E-commerce company will take it seriously: On Page Optimization. You have to care about pages/directories/home and make them 99.99% search engine friendly by using some rich snippets SEO and more. On page optimization is compulsory for all E-commerce, because there is no content length exist. When we talk about definitive content, then it’s not matters for an E-commerce page, because there was a product which only has a description/media and links.


Google search snippet customization are of many types and you can do this by different ways like implementing a code in your page or by telling Google using webmaster tools.

Sweet Permalink always Win

Permalink SEO is really going works all the time. E-commerce sites, mostly failed to make static URLs of their all pages, but if you take care about these permalink mistakes, then you can easily make your site more search friendly. For the E-commerce platform, we didn’t say that you have to make shorten permalink because shorten URLs will possibly not apply to all pages, you can use short permalinks for category pages and for product pages make a static URL like:

Example 1: http://www.example.com/mobiles/iphone6

Example 2: http://www.example.com/12345/iphone6

Example 3: http://www.example.com/electronics/mobile/apple/iphone/6

E-commerce Link Building Growth

For a strong Page Rank, Google counts the number of Quality Backlinks pointing your site and it is a major topic of SEO you know about. According to Google, Buying and Selling links makes search results quality down, and its a spam, but for E-commerce site owners link building is needed fast like buying thousands of links at once. Keep in mind paid links will not help you anymore, if Google found this in the future, you will destroy your ranking. Here are some good ways you can do for your E-commerce business site backlinks growth:

  • Offer Affiliate Marketing
  • Start a Company Blog
  • Hire an SEO/Internet Marketer
  • Offer Social Sharing Buttons on Pages

Keep in Touch with Paid Search Results


Paid Search Results is the most common way to get effective customers, who are finding and trying to buy a product online and with Google AdWords you can do pay per click marketing anytime at low budget. For Paid search results, you didn’t need to make a media campaign, because Google only shows text ads in search. I recommend choosing a keyword of high search volume so you can get a chance to get more effective customers using a tool Keyword planner.

Invest in Modern Internet Marketing

Today marketing on the web is rolling over everywhere, and now you see ads, banners on smartphone apps, computer software, streaming videos and more. You have to invest in modern internet marketing and some examples are: getting installs of your Android app, social media marketing, YouTube video campaign etc. A video can make a viewer 80% effective customer for your E-commerce site. Marketing on the internet always gives you the ability to target users of a specific city, so it’s good for small business who don’t have enough budget for web marketing.

Smartphone Apps Ready

Does your E-commerce business serve shopping from smartphone app? If no!, then please hire a developer and launch your app now, my marketing experience for E-commerce platform is not a big success without smartphone app. Once you serve the app, Google will serve your pages in the list of popular E-commerce sites and also you get more customers from app store.

Mobile app makes users keep in touch with your site, and you can send all offers to the customer app, so you never lose any customer anymore.

Make a Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile friendly design algorithm is newly comes in Google ranking factors, and it is now the major ranking factor you definitely need to focus about. E-commerce sites didn’t make our website design responsive because of browser supports, but according to Google you should serve mobile friendly and one of the best method is Responsive design. You can serve mobile site separately on mobile specific domains or responsive for example: http://m.example.com.

Knowledge Graph Impression

What you can do to make your small E-commerce site looks like a large E-commence mega store? Less goods on E-commerce means small business, is this true? If products are popular, so no one can say its a small business.


To make your customer satisfaction and trust, that your E-commerce site is not a small startup, you should make your website search on Google like a multinational. There are some thing you can do to make your E-commerce site, search results like an above snapshot:

  • Create a Wikipedia page.
  • Create your business page on major social networks(also pay for advertisement on social)
  • Upload multiple company logos and images of different social network pages, so Google images will give the top image results when your website search on Google.