iPhone users can easily download YouTube videos without wasting time

Ankit Singh (Dev)
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
iPhone users can easily download YouTube videos without wasting time

Apple approved some apps in the store that illegal according to the YouTube’s policy. These apps easily download and save videos from YouTube to iPhone and the user can do share, upload, watch offline. If apple serving you to install those apps on your device officially from the iTunes store so what are you waiting for? Just go and download now. There are many ways to download YouTube videos but genuine is genuine. When it comes to our smartphone, you can also use the offline feature in YouTube app. It’s a website to watch videos online not for saving videos locally on your device or re-upload videos to another platform. Install any app from below, and start downloading videos without wasting time with ads or finding the app from external resource.

How users feel good on offline video view

Watching video offline is good for those who use data connection because data connection is connected through your mobile network which may be slow or not working because you are out of coverage or staying in a roaming network.

Wi-Fi network don’t always have problem like mobile networks because the Wi-Fi you’re using is only made for internet connectivity and it only stops if any technical problem persists.

Titan Downloader on iTunes


The app is built to download steaming videos and it support YouTube too, but not straightly. To save videos from YouTube.com, you have to do some steps because Titan Downloader app is blocked to download videos from YouTube, here are few simple steps:

  1. Open your Safari browser and open YouTube.
  2. Search video and copy URL from address bar.
  3. Come back to Titan Downloader and paste the URL.
  4. Tap on play, then just push it down.
  5. Hold your thumb over the video.
  6. And the download is just begin.

To save videos in camera roll hold your finger over video and save it to a camera roll folder, with this you can watch videos easily offline even without internet.

The app is only blocked for YouTube content, if you want to download videos from other websites then you can easily do without following any steps.

Mx Tube on iTunes


The app has good interface and can download YouTube videos without any restriction. Just tap on search and input keyword of your favorite video, select video and choose the download option from below of the page, then press download, close screen and you see the downloading screen. Some features breakdown:

  • Works smoothly
  • Less ads
  • Simple interface

Video Downloader Lite Super on iTunes


Now this app works pretty better than above, and it can automatically save videos to your gallery to better watch videos on offline without any problem.

  1. Open App and search for video.
  2. Select any video and it auto pull save to storage option on the screen.
  3. Push save and your download starts.

Apps compatibility

iPhone, iPad or iOS devices run above video downloaders smoothly and according to iTunes all above apps optimized for all iPhone models, so don’t worry about that. But Mx tube required iOS 7.0 or later so please update your OS if you’re still using older version.

Think about Jailbreak?

We found query on search  “download YouTube videos without jailbreak”

If any above apps not works without jailbreak then you should try Protube of YouTube app from iTunes. It’s really good and suggested by many blogs and websites. The pro version of this app cost you $1.99, and with this app you can select best video quality before download (ex. 720p & 1080p).

Why YouTube videos download is illegal?

According to YouTube’s policy or Google policy, the platform YouTube is made for viewing videos online if you want to watch any video again so you have to stream video again on YouTube, but with the help of Google you can do anything even the task is against Google.

The answer is very simple or in my words: If you didn’t watch online, there is no way for Google to earn revenue and this is like distributing software, products for free. Google already provide you all their services for free including Maps, Mail, Drive and more and if you kick to ads then Google will sure take action.